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How to write an essay

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You are already a writer with long experience. In earlier years, you wrote book reports and essays and term papers, answered exam questions, and perhaps kept a journal. You have kept minutes for clubs and composed memos on the job. You've taken notes, written letters and postcards to family and friends, made shopping lists, maybe kept a diary, and even tried your hand at writing stories and poetry. All this experience is about to pay off for you.
In high school, college and university, you will combine what you already know about writing essays with the new techniques you will learn, and you will perform writing tasks more challenging than most you have faced before. Unlike parachute jumping, writing essays for a college course is something you go ahead and try without first learning all there is to it. In truth, nothing anyone can tell you about writing essays can help you so much as learning by doing.
To write a psychology or economics essay, you'll find that your mind has to stretch more than it did in writing an essay on flying squirrels or a letter of complaints., You will find yourself working in more complex disciplines, writing essays and reports, gathering information from many sources, and not just reading books and stacking up facts, but analyzing what you learn, deciding what it means, weighting its value, taking a stand, proposing solution to a problem. College instructors will expect you to question what they say and what you read, form your own judgments, and put them to use.
As you probably know, writing essays can seem at times an overwhelming drudgery worse than scrubbing kettles; at other moments, a sport full of thrills like whizzing downhill on skis, not knowing what you'll meet around a bend.
Surprising and unpredictable though essay writing process may be, you can understand what happens in it. Nearly all essays writers do similar things:

Generate Ideas

Plan, Draft and develop Essays

Revise and Edit

These activities aren't lockstep stages: they don't always proceed in a straight line. You can skip around, taking up parts of the process in whatever order you like or work on several parts of your essay at a time. Gathering material, you may feel an urge to play with a sentence until it clicks. Writing a draft, you may decide to go back and look for more material. You may find yourself dashing off, crossing out, leaping ahead, backtracking, correcting, adjusting, questioning, trying a fresh approach, failing, trying still another approach, making a breakthrough, scrubbing, polishing then in the end checking unfamiliar punctuation and looking up the spellings of any tricky words.


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how to write an essay
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