Dear Sir or Madam:

I have recently got the notice from my company, AAA Inc., which inform me that I will be fired next month because I am approaching my retirement age and the company has just launched job cuts. I have been working for AAA Inc. for last fifteen years and I have never had problems or any complaints from my managers concerning my work or inappropriate fulfillment of my professional duties and obligations. I always did my best to perform my professional duties well. Within two years I will retire but I have never expressed my intention to retire right now. Instead, I would like to work at AAA Inc. until my retirement in two years. However, the company has faced substantial financial difficulties recently and has decided to cut jobs. However, the approach to job cuts applied by the company is discriminatory. In my case, I am about to be fire just because of my age. I strongly believe that this is a discriminatory action from the part of my employer because I am still capable to perform my professional duties well and have extensive experience. Nevertheless, AAA Inc. is going to fire me just because of my age but not because of my professional inappropriateness.
So, I am writing to you to file a complaint against my employer, AAA Inc., because I feel being discriminated by my employer and I expect you to undertake action to prevent my discrimination. I am about to be fire because my employer needs to cut jobs and save costs but this leads to my unfair firing because I still is capable to work well or even better than other professionals working at AAA Inc. and my only problem is my age, which my employer has chosen as the main criterion for job cuts. I will attach the intake questionnaire and a detailed affidavit describing discrimination in my next letter.
I expect that you will notify my employer of the charges and help me to tackle the problem to persuade my employer that they should change the criteria on the ground of which they take decisions on choosing employees affected by their job cuts program. I believe that discrimination practices are unacceptable in this regard and you should inform my employer about it. I believe that your notification of my employer will help to settle the case and prevent the discriminatory practices not only in relation to myself but also in relation to other employees working at AAA Inc., who are in the similar position like I do.
Otherwise, it would be a violation of existing legal norms, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If no actions are undertaken, I will have to file a lawsuit against my employer. At the moment, I am ready to undergo the traditional procedure of settling the case but if you fail to notify my employer or if your notification has no effect on my employer I will file a lawsuit against AAA Inc.
Thank you for your attention to this letter. I am an experienced professional, who has been working for long time and I expect that you will help me to settle the case, using your authority. If you have any questions, please call me (111) 111-1111.

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