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Do Your Friends Keep Or Share Your Secrets?



The saying goes that you can never have too many friends. People often treat friends and acquaintances at the same. One my desk sits a plaque with the saying "A Friend is one who knows all about you and loves you anyway." An
acquaintance is someone we know and enjoy their company but the relationship less intimate than friendship. An acquaintance wouldn't drop everything their doing to give you a helping hand. That's a friend. In our lifetime, most of us have two or three people whom we can truly call a friend. How much should you confide in someone given the various levels of friendship?

It's our nature to want to trust someone enough to share our thoughts. After all, why do we have friends? Before sharing your deeper inner feelings, be sure you can truly trust that person. Especially where relationships are concerned.

Keep your emotions in check before when sharing. Ranting, raving and spouting what ever comes out of your mouth may feel great at the moment. However you may regret what you said when it comes back to haunt you tomorrow.

Airing to much personal info can also damage a good friendship, because you may tell that person something you really don't wish for them to know. This will in turn cause you to feel uncomfortable around this person in the future. Many friendships have dissolved because of this!

Acquaintances often relish the dirty details and can't wait to share them with others. The old saying " Eighty-percent of the people don't care that you have a problem and the other twenty-percent are glad that you have them" is often more true than we'd like to believe. After all, it's human nature to be more focused on ourselves. Friends do show concern for you. But be wise on choosing your friends and what you discuss with others.








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