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Learn how to play baseball


Baseball is a game of skill and for that reason the best athlete is not always the best player. Baseball involves thrilling, pitching, catching, baserunning, fielding, and hitting. If you want to improve in all of these areas and skills then you must practice regularly using drills.
Practicing must be fast and include jumping from one drill to the other. A good baseball player must always focus on making the most out of every drill session instead of just going through the motions which can often lead to bad habits. If you want to improve your baseball game focus on top form in as many drill opportunities as you can. Here's some information to help you while work on improving your baseball game.

Throwing the ball

Grip the ball with your index finger and middle along the long seams of the baseball with your thumb underneath to give support. When you throw square up your shoulders with your target, move towards the target and throw with a three quarter arm action. Remember to follow through.

Fielding the ball

Make sure you have good balance by having your feet spread and get down. You dont want the ball to go between your legs. Always have your glove in front so you can block the ball and see it go into the glove. Bring the ball up to your midsection and throw.

Catching fly balls

In order to catch a fly ball from the outfield you should be striding toward your target and you want to be behind the wall. First of all, you can see the ball and secondly, you can get into your stride to throw to your target. Finally, be sure to catch the ball above the shoulder with your elbow bent. This will help cushion as you catch.

Batting Stance

For the most part, you want to balance your stance with your feet shoulder length apart. In order to keep your balance keep your toes pointed inward slightly. You should be looking at the pitcher with your head level.


Always run in a way to give yourself the best chance for top speed. For example, if you plan on running more than one base try to time your steps so you hit the base with your right foot as you get less arc and stay consistently striding without losing speed towards the next base.

Base running

You always want to run in a manner to give yourself the best chance for top speed. For instance, if running more than one base, time your steps so you hit the base with your right foot as you get less arc and can keep a more consistent stride losing less speed towards the next base.
Although these tips are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to skills for playing baseball, they will help in your effort in becoming the complete baseball player.

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