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Swimming pools


Swimming pools and organized activities go hand in hand since ancient Egypt in 2500 BC. While it was the Romans who built the first swimming pool, The patron of this art was Gaius Maecenas who built the first heated swimming pool in first century BC. Swimming pools became popular only in the middle of the 19th century. In 1837, six new pools came up in London and when the modern Olympic games started in 1896, swimming was among the original events. Now a days, a swimming pool is available in every big hotel and many people prefer private pools. Private pools come in various sizes, shapes, types and one needs to carry out a mapping of requirements with types as the cost and type of construction varies to a large extent. Some types of pools to choose from are:

Above-Ground Pools: These pools are constructed with aluminum, resin or steel sidings with vinyl liners. These pools can be termed as economical, and are not permanent structures so you have the freedom to take them with you if you move. These pools can be assembled and dismantled with ease; and come in several shapes and sizes to suit your yards. These pools arrive in pieces which can easily be carried to the pool site for assembly. However, the disadvantage is that their lifespan is not as long as in-ground pools.

In-Ground Pools: These are concrete, fiberglass or vinyl- liner pools that have to be constructed at site. The essentials of these types are:

a) Fiberglass Pools: Are made at the manufacturer~s place and delivered to the desired location. However, the fibre glass panel pools are designed and constructed at the site only. Fiber pools are flexible than the concrete pools and are good for earthquake prone areas.

b) Concrete Pools: These pools are constructed on the site and are the most costly ones. Several finishes such as plaster, paint and specialty coating materials are available.

c) Vinyl-Liner Pools: These pools are built with panel walls that are fastened together on a concrete foundation. The entire pool is then covered with a custom-made vinyl liner.

The major advantage of in-ground pools is that they can be custom designed and can have desired accessories such as diving boards, slides, water games, water fountains, and specialty lighting. The disadvantages are that they are costly, cannot be moved from one place to another and the time taken to construct is long.

Specialty Pools: Many people want pool with the only reason being fitness. If you have any such intention then consider a lap pool or swim spas.

a) Lap Pools: These pools are long and narrow. While being ideal for small yards they also add to the landscape.

b) Swim Spas: A hybrid of a pool and spa. They have water jets thus allowing swimmer to swim against the flow of water.


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