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Science covers the broad field of knowledge that deals with observed facts and the relationships among those facts. The word «science» comes from the Latin word «scientia», which means «knowledge». Scientists study a wide variety of subjects.

Science has enormous influence on our lives. It provides the basis of much of modern technology - the tools, materials, techniques, and sources of power that make our lives and work easier. The discoveries of scientists also help to shape our views about ourselves and our place in the universe.

Modern science and technology have changed our lives in many dramatic ways. Airplanes, automobiles, communications satellites, computers, plastics, and television are only a few of the scientific and technological inventions that have transformed human life. Research by nuclear physicists has led to the development of nuclear energy as a source of power. Agricultural scientists have developed better varieties of plants and highly effective fertilizers. The development of antibiotics and other new drugs has helped to control many infectious diseases. Studies in anatomy and physiology have led to amazing new surgical operations and to the invention of lifesaving machines that can do the work of such organs as the lungs, kidneys, and heart.

Although scientific and technological achievements have benefited us in many ways, they have also created serious problems. The rapid growth of industrial technology, for instance, has resulted in such grave effects an environmental pollution and fuel shortages. Breakthroughs in nuclear research have led to the development of weapons of mass destruction. Some people fear that biological research will produce new disease -causing bacteria or viruses that resist drugs. People are also concerned that computerized information system may destroy personal privacy.

But science itself is neither good nor bad. The uses that people choose to make of scientific knowledge determine whether that knowledge will help or harm society.


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