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Types of assignments

As soon as you become a student of a college, university, high school, you will for sure have to write a lot of various types of assignments in different subjects. Each of the assignment types has its unique structure and peculiarities, which need to be considered during writing, otherwise you risk not to receive the highest appreciation from your teacher or professor, even if there are no grammar or stylistic mistakes in your writing, even if the theme is researched properly. Thus before starting to work over the concrete assignment, be sure that you have absolutely clear understanding of the assignment type and its peculiarities and how to write it. It is sometimes also better even to study some examples, available online, just to have better understanding of the type of the work, you will have to produce. Usually the assignments are subdivided into literature reviews, research essays, reflective journals, annotated bibliographies, critical or analytical reviews, project reports, laboratory papers. Irrespective of the type of your assignment, our service opens the doors for you, if you have any difficulties with producing it. The solution is rather simple – order your custom written assignment here.

Essay help, you could purchase from our writing service

Sometimes our customers are sure that they could order only ready written paper or assignment here. This is correct. But you should also be aware of the fact that it is possible to order only some part of your paper, for example one chapter of your big project or dissertation. Also if you have already started to write your paper, thinking that you will manage to do it yourself, but then could not find the necessary information or it took too much time and now you are in a hurry with finishing the rest of your assignment – you could also order the rest part of your paper. One of the most popular services is editing – when a customer produces the whole assignment by himself and then orders editing service here in order to engage a professional writer to check his grammar, his structure, his stylistic structures. This is a good option, because on the one hand you write your assignment yourself and gain the necessary experience and knowledge, and on the other hand your grade will not suffer because of some spelling or grammar mistakes. Even if you do proofreading yourself, and you know perfectly well the rules, it is possible that you will not notice some of your mistakes, which will spoil the final image of your paper and your final grade.


Plagiarism is absolutely not acceptable here. Our writers never use any pre- written papers from databases, never cut and paste any ideas or passages from somebody’s paper, never use samples of assignments, copied from Internet in their writings. They know exactly, how to do proper referencing and citing of the sources, in order to avoid a single problem with plagiarism. Professors and tutors never accept assignments, if there are at least a couple of sentences plagiarized. Additionally we conduct a routine plagiarism check to be sure that everything is ok in each order, which is submitted to the customer. When placing your order – you could be sure that you purchase only originally written papers and assignments and will not have any problems with plagiarism!

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