Male perpetrators in Hollywood Essay

Male perpetrators in Hollywood: Sexual assault scandal in full play

Where it all began

It all started with the publication of an article in The New York Times in the previous year. The article contained allegations of a few women who claimed that they were sexually assaulted by a renowned producer and director Harvey Weinstein. Much time has passed since those times, but the Hollywood scandal seems never to end. After the article had been published, many other women started to speak out revealing the truth about various instances of sexual harassment, including such world-known stars as Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow. The movie director Weinstein, however, denies that he had been involved in any of such cases. Still, this scandal was called by many “Harvey Weinstein effect” as it has ignited the worldwide debate over sexual assault committed by men and new cases of misconduct continue to appear and multiply day after day.

More stars raise their voices against sexual harassment and rape

Celebrities and politicians alike continue to speak out with new reports coming out about the mistreatment of women by men. After the story published in The New York Times, the scandal has reached its peak. Hillary Clinton commented the behavior of Harvey Weinstein saying that she is deeply shocked by the truth about the producer and that such behavior cannot and should not be tolerated. In fact, there is a need to bring sexual harassment to an end and much courage is needed to do so.

Judi Dench also gave her opinion on the matter. Like many others, she stands for stopping sexual harassment and sympathizes with all those who have become victims of not only Harvey Weinstein, but all other men who thought they would come clean out of this. Judi Dench is an Oscar-winning actress who also cooperated with Weinstein as a producer.

With all the comments and opinions regarding the on-going scandal, it seems like Hollywood suffers from an epidemic. It is truly contagious and requires treatment. Many actresses who have suffered from sexual assault want to share their worries with the world in order to get rid of this evil that has penetrated Hollywood.

So many men, so many minds: What is on the reverse side?

It seems surprising but the opinions regarding the on-going scandal have split and many Hollywood stars actually think that the guilt of the perpetrators is not proved. Thus, Meryl Streep, for instance, says that the reports against Weinstein are “disgraceful” and deserve no attention whatsoever. She says that she was even unaware of the sexual harassment cases, and although such behavior has no excuses, the abuse of power, in this case, is evident.

Still, Meryl Streep showed her appraisal of those women who had courage to raise their voices and stand against the injustice. On the other hand, Streep argued that every actor and actress in Hollywood were aware of their producer’s behavior. She herself was unaware of it as Weinstein had always shown respect to her in their work relations. And this is the best proof of the fact that the rumors about Weinstein’s misconduct have gone too far and much of the information contained in the reports is exaggerated so that no one will ever know where the truth lies.

With that said, almost all stars in Hollywood seem to be sympathetic with the victims of multiple cases of sexual misconduct on behalf of film producers and movie directors. The truth is that no matter how brave these women are in raising their voices against such evil as sexual harassment, it is likely to take much time to eradicate this problem. However, even if it cannot be overcome in the nearest future, measures should be taken to deal with the problem to the best of one’s abilities.


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