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Lab reports represent an important part of all laboratory courses and play a valuable role in getting a good grade. It would come handy if your professor gives you a plan of how to write a lab report. If not, you should do it on your own. Some professors ask students to include their lab reports into a lab notebook. Others require a separate report. If you are unsure how to write a lab report, look for some tips that will help you to cope with this task. They will help you to understand what needs to be included into the different parts of the lab report.

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How to write a lab report?

A lab report represents an explanation of what you did in your experiment, what you learned and what results you made. The title of your lab report tells the reader what you accomplished. The title should be brief, not more than ten words. It should describe the major points of your experiment or research.

The introduction usually takes one paragraph and explains the purposes of the lab report. There should be stated a short hypothesis that will highlight the objectives of your report. The materials used for the completion of your lab report should be carefully listed. The results of your lab report will show the reader what the provided data means. In the conclusion you should sum up major points of the experiment and explain what happened during your investigation and what outcomes it brought about.

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Students of colleges, universities, high schools are to fulfil various types of written tasks in various subjects during their studies. Some of those tasks are purely theoretical, others are practical and need even more experience and skills in order to be written and organised correctly. There are a lot of sciences, which are based upon experiments and different scientific researches. Thus apart of usual parts of the written academic paper, title, introduction, body, conclusion and references, there also should be materials and methods mentioned for the readers of your paper to know what kind of practical research you were doing. First of all you should carefully study all the instructions and recommendations, provided by your professor, because if you are missing some point or question in your ready lab report – you are risking your high grade.

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