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A literature review- what’s this?

Most of the students of colleges, high schools and universities are sure that they know what a literature review is, however, as soon as they get such a task from their teachers and professors, they realise that they don’t know how to write it. Generally this is a discussion of some published piece of writing, which was devoted to some concrete topic, often the time frames are also concretely indicated. If you browse the samples of the literature reviews online, you will see that this is not simply a summary of the academic sources, which you managed to find in relation to your theme, rather a well-presented and organized synthesized analysis of this information. Sometimes, there is a need to introduce fresh ideas into the old materials, try to treat the problem from a different perspective. Often studies of the actual debates, devoted to the literature source would contribute to reconsideration of your own position. Evaluation of other sources is a good practice for better understanding of the key concepts and their interpretations. Literature reviews could be done in various subjects, thus if you received the task to write the literature review exactly in the subject, which is the most difficult for you, then you are welcome to get any kind of professional essay help from our online writing service.

Mixing up an academic research with literature review is a mistake

Be careful not to mix these two types of academic writings, as their aims and methods are different. The main aim of an academic paper is to present and to develop new arguments in relation to the indicated topic. Literature review in its turn should be a kind of summary and synthesis of the provided arguments, without introducing of any new ones. Rather often literature review is a part of research paper, which is used to providing scientific proofs to the arguments, used in the paper.

Why students are to write literature reviews

When students are to study some specific area of a concrete subject, they are often asked to write literature review. In order to study a topic, students are to study the available sources, related to it. Even if it is necessary to come out with your own argumentation in your research paper, it is still necessary to study other sources and write a literature review of them.

If you need help with your literature review

We receive a lot of questions from our customers, if our writers could write customised literature review – of course they can! All you need to do is just place your order, give us the list of the literature sources, which need to be used, examples, if there are any, and get your ready paper. In case you have only topic and there is no concrete list of the sources or your literature review is a part of big research paper – your assigned writer will do the whole job himself. When placing your order, be careful not to miss any instructions, as our writers are used to following them 100%. Some of the students are concerned that if they buy a ready written literature review, they will miss some knowledge, this is absolutely not the case, as on the contrary – you will be provided with short and precise description of each of the sources, saving your time.

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