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Proofreading implies a careful examination of a text with an aim to find and correct certain mistakes in grammatical structures, language style and spelling. There are different tips that may help students to learn how to proofread a text. Before proofreading, a student is advised to make sure that they have revised large aspects of the text. Firstly, the student should focus on the organisation of the whole paper, its sections and paragraphs, and then proceed to the corrections at the sentence and word level. The student is also advised to wipe out unnecessary words and expressions before looking for actual mistakes. An important aspect of proofreading is that the student should know what to look for. Students should look through the comments of professors to their previous papers and make a list of mistakes to watch for.

When proofreading a text, one should work from a printout rather than the computer screen as in this case, it will be much easier to identify the mistakes. Reading out loud is also an efficient technique when proofreading a text. It turns to be more helpful than just reading the text silently. Every proofreading should finish with a spelling check with the help of a computer spelling checker or reading the words backwards. Although proofreading may seem a difficult task to most students, it will become much easier to cope with it if to use the above-mentioned tips. In fact, proofreading develops valuable editing skills which might come handy in future.

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