Annotated list of sources: Minimum Wage

Andrew Leigh (January 2, 2008). Does Raising the Minimum Wage Help the Poor? Economic Record (Volume 83, issue 263, pages 432–445). The author is a professor of the Australian National University. The writer believes that raising the minimum wage significantly lowers family income inequality; in particular minimum-wage workers are most likely to be in middle-income households.

Arindrajit Dube, T. William Lester and Michael Reich (November 10, 2010). Minimum Wage Effects Across State Borders: Estimates Using Contiguous Counties. The Review of Economics and Statistics (Vol. 92, No. 4, pages 945-964). Arindrajit Dube is a professor at University of Massachusetts-Amherst; T. William Lester represents Department of City and Regional Planning of UNCChapel Hill; Michael Reich is a professor at the University of California. In the current article writers consider the discontinuities policy at state borders and also identify the effects of minimum wages on earnings and employment in low-wage sector of economy.

Armin Falk, Ernst Fehr and Christian Zehnder (September 6, 2006). Fairness Perceptions and Reservation Wages—the Behavioral Effects of Minimum Wage Laws. The quarterly journal of economics (121(4): 1347-1381). Authors are professors at University of Bonn and University of Zurich. As a fact, this article proves that there is direct connection between raise of minimum wage and subjects’ reservation wages.

Bruce F. Kaufman (April 6, 2010). Institutional economics and the minimum wage: broadening the theoretical and policy debate. Cornell University

Industrial & Labor Relations Review (Rev. 427). The author is a professor at Georgia State University. In this article, the author analyzes theoretical and policy debate in labor economics, in particular over the minimum wage issue.
Christopher J. Flinn (May 12, 2006). Minimum Wage Effects on Labor Market Outcomes under Search, Matching, and Endogenous Contact Rates. Econometrica (Volume 74, Issue 4, pages 1013–1062). The author is a professor at the New York University. In this article author considers how minimum wages influence on labor market outcomes and welfare.

Leif Danziger (February 15, 2009). Endogenous monopsony and the perverse effect of the minimum wage in small firms. Labour Economics (Volume 17, issue 1, pages 224-229). The author is a professor at Ben-Gurion University. This writer proves that an imperfectly enforced minimum-wage rate forces small firms to face an upward-sloping labor supply schedule.

Leif Danziger (August 28, 2009). Noncompliance and the effects of the minimum wage on hours and welfare in competitive labor markets. Labour Economics (Volume 16, issue 6, pages 625-630). The author is a professor at Ben-Gurion University. In the current article the writer proves that increase in the minimum wage rate may have mixed effects on the working hours and welfare of employees.

Marcus Dittrich, Andreas Knabe (August 11, 2010). Wage and Employment Effects of Non-Binding Minimum Wages. Center for Economic Studies and Institute for Economic Research (No. 3149). The authors are professors at Chemnitz University of Technology and Free University of Berlin. In this article authors analyze the theoretical wage of minimum wage raise on the example of bargaining models between unions and firms.

Mark B. Stewart (April 13, 2007). The Other Margin: Do Minimum Wages Cause Working Hours Adjustments for Low-Wage Workers? Economica (Volume 75, Issue 297, pages 148–167). The author is a professor at University of Warwick. This writer analyzes and estimates the impact of minimum wage on the working hours of low-wage employees with using difference-in-differences estimators.

Sara Lemos (January 31, 2008). A survey of the effects of the minimum wage on prices. Journal of Economic Surveys (Volume 22, issue 1, pages 187–212). The author is a professor at the University of Leicester. The writer believes that minimum wage increases compress the wage distribution. Moreover, the author summarizes available evidence on the effects of minimum wages on prices.

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