Bios appear in documents from press releases to newsletter articles to brochures to information sheets giving a person’s or organization’s background. There are two basic types of bios: the one-pager, which covers every important aspect of the person’s career or business background, and the one-paragraph quickie, which gives a tight, specific overview. Whichever type you are writing, be specific, doling out names, dates, and other relevant information. Forget the person’s personal life. Bios are business documents, not singles ads.

First sentence : State the most significant and revealing information in the first few words. Titles are great here when you’re writing about people. You can alter this line for each new audience.

Body : Provide details about the person or organization in order of importance to the reader. You can adjust this list for various readers.

Closing : Not needed.
Cartoonist and illustrator Mary Lou Larson’s work has appeared in over 60 newspapers and magazines around the country, including the New York Times, Newsweek, and Rolling Stone magazine. Her comic postcards, Chit-Chat, appear in bookstores and card shops from Seattle to Miami and everywhere in between. She also has a line of sweatshirts, coffee mugs, and other gift items featuring her cartoon characters. A part-time professor at the Institute of Art, Mary Lou has won numerous awards and contests, including the Arts Council Award for Humor and The Texas Prize for Humor.


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