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In this paper I am going to explore, discuss and argue the theme about the Internet in today’s society. The main goals of this work are to trace the influence of the World global computer network on people’s outlook, to show the negative and positive sides of the Internet nowadays and to prove a thesis that the social networking has the advantages and disadvantages of its using.
The advantages of the Internet
To start with, I would like to tell you about the Internet’s pluses. The Internet provides a wide variety of services such as the earnings in a network, a way to find a proper work, your old friends whom you have not heard for a long time. With the help of the Internet you can call by phone, to purchase different clothes and goods, to book the air tickets and the rooms in the hotels, to advertise the goods and firms, to communicate with different interesting people by all means.
Moreover, it is possible to find here absolutely everything. It is possible to make friends or even to fall in love far away from you.
In addition, there are huge libraries, scientific literature and a lot of different useful information. Forums are the best development of mankind, and, one of the most important aspects of the Internet. Forums give such a great opportunity to communicate with thousand, millions people without any problems. In general, the positive sides of the Internet are: granting of information, association on interests, advertising, information interchange, records of ideas, and accommodations of media.
The disadvantages of the Internet

On the other hand, unfortunately the negative information prevails in the Internet in our time. Sitting at a computer negatively affects on many functions of our organism: the maximum nervous activity, immune and reproductive systems, insufficient rest, inactive way of life, inorganic feed, etc. Firstly, it is necessary to tell that it is a question of lasting many hours sitting behind a computer. The secondly, we mean people who spend time in chats, forums, games, instead of engaged in work (gathering information, etc.). People who spend a lot of time in the Internet need the social support because they feel dissatisfaction, a low self-assessment, shyness, etc.
Lately, I wrote and analyzed the article “Why I hate Facebook” written by Sarah Kliff. Reading this article I understood that the internet really has the negative influence on people. People begin to involve in the virtual world. Children stop to read the books, play with their peers. They only focus on the virtual conversation. The real dialogue is absent in this situation. Thus, people begin to “live” in the Internet.
Here are psychological symptoms that person starts feeling if he concerns to the group of risk the Internet-dependent people: good state of health or euphoria behind a computer; impossibility to stop; increase of quantity of time spent behind a computer; neglect family and friends; sensations of emptiness, depression, irritation not behind a computer; lie to employers or members of family about the activity; problems with work or study. In general, the negative sides of the Internet are: viruses; unreliable information; availability not ethic information; moral violence over the person; the Internet dependence; not authorized access and financial problems. In order to prove my statement that the Internet has the negative effect I would like to tell you the internet’s anecdote:
Is John at home?
No, he is absent…He has left our world…
Is he gone?
No, he connected to the Internet!
To sum up the above-stated information I want to say that the Internet represents “the world” that is parallel to our real world. The Internet has the positive sides as well as the negative ones. I proved a thesis that the social networking has its advantages and disadvantages.
It is a positive thing to have access to the Internet in order to find some useful information, to have a conversation with somebody, etc.
But anyway, we should remember that nothing can replace the verbal communication between people.

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