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The article “Consumers Want Green Furniture Options” written by K. McLaughlin tells about the survey that proves that more and more people are interested in global warming and start to do what they can about it: to buy green products in a variety of categories.
The survey “2008 Green Marketing Consumer Study” shows that half of the respondents try to buy green products, but only 4% have bought green furnishings, and 46% haven’t because they didn’t know about green option while 20% mentioned that it wasn’t available. The results of the survey explain that consumers are going to reduce spending on furniture in the nearest time.
It is mentioned that even if the interest in green furnishing is rather high, customers don’t buy environmentally friendly products because they are not still available.
In July 2008 the new furniture orders were down 17% in comparison to July 2007, but the survey proved that 30% of customers would like to buy green home furnishings if they were more available. The provided statistic date in the article shows that Cabinet sales fall 18.5% in September and office furniture production is also down.
There are three main drivers of furniture shipment volume: service sector growth, corporate profitability and new office construction. All these drivers are trending downward and will probably continue to do it in the next 2009. But soon pricing and quality will be the main drivers of green home furnishing market.
The article “Consumers Want Green Furniture Options” explains the motives of the consumers as to the buying green products and green home furnishings. The consumers are ready to buy green home furnishings if they are more available and not to expensive. Never the less, 4% of respondents have purchased green furnishings already (McLaughlin 2008). But at the same time, the survey shows that consumers are going to reduce spending money on furniture in the nearest year.







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