Essay on Adolescents

It goes without saying that adolescents may turn out to be the most complicated social group to work with, but it is also enormously important to work with, as at teen age people are especially vulnerable and easily get under different influences; their minds are unstable and therefore they are always at risk of doing mistakes. That is why they do need extra attention and more understanding than punishment, if they make offences. First and foremost, we should depart from the reasons of their antisocial behavior: a protest to the society; lack of attention and opportunities of leading normal life; simply boredom or lack of knowledge of cultural norms.

Thus, it would be beneficial to organize special meetings for problematic adolescents and correction specialists to provide and supervise afterschool activities. Adolescents should be united into small groups in order to make it easy to work effectively and at the same time not to miss the chance to give them better socialization and integration. Further, it seems to be rational to involve teaching staff, psychologists and some other specialists; the latter may be invited by one as guests for each meeting. Firstly, it is important to make the adolescents sure that they are needed and that they can become a good part of the society they live in. But to make them interested in this integration, they should know the benefits of being a respected citizen. Hence, they should develop their motivation for study and for self-development. Besides, they should be shown how difficult it is to build and to create various objects of national heritage to stimulate their respect and to prevent vandalism. Finally, they should know the true calamities of criminal life, and thus try to prevent it as well.


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