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All Advanced Features external evaluation experts IBO. There are general criteria for evaluation. And it is used to determine the essay score.
The main criteria relate to general aspects of the essays, such as letters, use of the data and general idea. Subject criteria are concerned about how to choose the theme management in the context of chosen theme in the essay. Official guidelines for essays will be given to a student, when the topic of an essay will not be completed.
The categories of the score of the essay:
A excellent
B good
C satisfactory
D mediocre
E elementary
By the end of the International Baccalaureate program, each student must write a so-called “detailed essay” (Extended Essay) amount of at least 4000 words. This must be the sort of record of the self-conducted research on a chosen topic, which is performed under the guidance of a teacher. This enables students to acquire the skills of research.
Every year about 30,000 students receive the International Baccalaureate Diploma.
For diploma International Baccalaureate a student should:
-successfully pass the exams in all six subjects (three subjects at advanced level and three -subjects at standard level);
-write “detailed essay” (Extended Essay) ;
-write two papers on the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) ;
-work out at least 150 hours of program Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) ;
-complete all projects and mini-projects.
Theory of Knowledge course gives students a possibility to create and think about knowledge, to think about learning in all subjects they learn in the course of Diploma Programme, and to establish links between academic fields. Advanced essay, much of the letter to 4000 words, and it enables students to explore topics of their specific interest, which they can choose. It helps students to use their creativity and ideas, as well as imagination and also to develop skills of independent research, which should be at the university.
Diploma Programme aims to develop students’ knowledge and skills and also they will need to perform tasks IBO, as outlined in the statement of the organization’s mission and student profile. Teaching and learning in the Diploma Programme help to present reality in the everyday practice of educational philosophy of the organization.
Extended essays in the philosophy give students the opportunity to investigate the philosophical topics of special interest. The student is invited to enter into serious, personal thoughts, develop and learn in a disciplined and creative way specific philosophical questions. Chosen topic can be supported, for example, work done in class, current events on issues relating to contemporary debate, discussion, individual reading and / or reflection, or conceptual features of belief systems that have not previously encountered by the student. It is bounded that the topic should be chosen so that it can be considered carefully. For example, in May, it is preferable to choose as a starting point, specific hypotheses, rather than general, some of the ideas of a philosopher, not a few, or one text, the philosopher, but not all of his or her work.
Counter-claims and objections must be provided, to consider and, if possible, refuted. Although it is inappropriate to be avoided, the wider implications of philosophical questions should explore the appropriate degree and awareness must be clear links between these issues and more global problems of human life.
Of particular note is the flexibility of the program. Every three years, amended. On improving the courses are constantly working profile committees of teachers. Thus, International Baccalaureate – a versatile program that combines the very best that exists in school education in different countries. This is a universal language that is understandable to almost any university or college.
However, the International Baccalaureate diploma receive only those on the exams in the amount scored at least 24 points (examinations – 6, the highest score – 7, the lowest – 1, 3 more points available for the thesis, and participation in the contest CAS). Cope with this task is not all: for the world statistics, around 30% of students who completed the course, remain without a diploma. International Baccalaureate diploma is highly valued for their objectivity, because in addition to internal evaluation, which exposes the school teachers, the student receives and external assessment, which exhibited overseas examiner One test center in the UK International Baccalaureate – a universal program, which incorporated all the most the best that exists in school education in different countries. This is a universal language that is understandable to almost any university or college.

Education and life of the 21st Century in an interdependent and globalized world require an ability to think critically and creatively, to have an internationally orientative thinking – is that students learn to understand the International Baccalaureate Program (IB), and it is open to any student who wishes to receive IB Diploma or Certificate.
Candidates for the IB Diploma in the last two years of high school take six IB classes. And also they must meet the requirements of IB CORE, which include: Theory of Knowledge course, an extended essay of 4,000 words and the testing of 150 hours of training services throughout the (CAS).
Extended essays in the philosophy always give students an opportunity to investigate the philosophical topics of their interest. Students are invited to think creatively, develop and learn in a disciplined and creative way of specific philosophical question, it is appropriate to this issue and come to a clear conclusion. Chosen topic can be supported, for example, work done in class to current events on issues relating to contemporary debate, discussion, individual reading and / or reflection, or conceptual features of belief systems that have not previously encountered by the student.
To become an International Baccalaureate, an educational institution has to start application process. Also, during that period teachers have trainings in the International Baccalaureate. After application process, International Baccalaureate there is authorization. As soon as school is authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate, then annual fee gives the guarantee to display the International Baccalaureate logo, access to Online Curriculum Centre, support from the International Baccalaureate and also access to International Baccalaureate Information System. Online Curriculum Centre also provides information, resources and support for International Baccalaureate coordinators and teachers. International Baccalaureate Information System is a database, used by International Baccalaureate coordinators.
IB – a program for two years, after which students receive the International Baccalaureate, which is recognized and accepted by universities in the UK and other countries. Courses at the IB program are offered in 40 public and private schools and colleges in the UK and also in 930 schools and colleges in 105 countries.
As the distribution of the program IB Diploma (so-called diploma IB, in fact – certificate of school) have come to recognize the leading universities in the world. Now in the USA, Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Norway, Sweden and some other countries, students with such attestations shall take into universities without entrance examinations.
Today Programme International Baccalaureate can learn from school in 1020 100 countries. The fastest growing number of schools in the U.S.. As a rule, in all countries schools, practitioners trained in this model, are among the best. This means, that the level of secondary education provided in schools IB, above the national standard.
The IB program exists to give students the knowledge and skills, very useful in life to everyone, regardless of profession, as well as the skills of social adaptation. Within the framework of primary emphasis on academic achievements, the ability to think critically, independent work skills.

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