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Thinking about Hinduism and Buddhism it is necessary to say that both of them are religions that not only came from the same region, but also share similar terminology. Taking into account their similarities I would like to discuss main differences between Hinduism and Buddhism in this paper.
The main areas of differences in Buddhism and Hinduism are God, rite and rituals, cosmology and worldview, principles and attitude to a person and a soul. First of all we should pay attention on the fact that Buddhism is an atheistic belief system that was found by the Buddha and Hinduism, in its turn, is a polytheistic belief system that is not founded by any particular prophet. Hinduism believes in karma’s theory and according to it human life is entirely determined by his actions in past lives. According to Hinduism, people, living in this life and observing its certain rules and rituals could improve their karma and make their life in the next time much better. Buddhism from its side doesn’t believe in soul’s existence, but it believes in reincarnation. Contrasting it to Hinduism we see that the last believes in the individual soul that is called Atman and also believes in Brahman, the Supreme Creator. Analysing two religions I think that Hinduism – is a religion because Hinduism is based on a belief in the absolute validity of certain assumptions, but Buddhism in my opinion – is a philosophy based on the internal, personal psychological experience of a man.
Thus, basing on above stated information we could conclude that there are many substantial distinctions between Buddhism and Hinduism in the area of ideas, meditation and behavior. We should remember that some rituals of Buddhism and Hinduism are very similar, like some gestures and mantras, some deity, but the essential points of these systems are very different.

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