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The issues of motivation, satisfaction in the workplace, communication, productivity and studies of organizational conflicts are being studied by specialists for many years.
I should note that it’s not a surprise that motivation results in increasing productivity. In order to increase the productivity and retain the skilled staff, the motivation should be used. (Kleinbeck, 1990) Actually, motivation depends on the organizational tasks and goals. But in any case, studies show that it really helps to improve the results of work no matter what your industry is. Motivation relates to the following elements: work achievement, recognition, comfortable work environment, and also self-growth and self-motivation.
As for the effective communication, it’s an essential part of any business activity. Basically it’s a tool that helps to succeed in relationships. This subsequently (although not in a direct way) results in the increase of team productivity by empowering employees. Information affects people’s feelings of certainty regarding what they do, what others expect them to do, and the effects of their efforts toward satisfying goals personal and corporate. (Heath, 1994)
Effective communication helps to avoid and resolve organizational conflicts. Organizations with effective communication enjoy a healthy and growing culture where the employees feel respected and understood and thus perform at a high level. (Büchel, 2001)
Heath (1994) claims that interpersonal communication is the essence of
organization because it creates structures that then affect what else gets said and
done and by whom. Interpersonal communication is important for the exchange of information and coordination of activities within the organization.




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