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As a matter of fact the changes that occur in the fast-moving world cannot help but touch upon the print industry in the digital age that we once called the world of tomorrow and that has already come into each and every home. The emergence and spreading of the Internet and the instant word processing on desktop computers open new horizons for online publishing. Still print industry remains the third largest industry in the US and a major industry worldwide despite television viewing and other news sources have increased dramatically too. Desktop publishing reduces the production costs in the printing industry, the systems do not have meals or do not need days off, they are both dangerous and beneficiary for the print industry.
The Internet significantly influences the periodicals production and circulation, they presently face falling sales and decrease advertising, however, the digital world creates opportunities by providing newspapers with their digital version on the web and reduces the cost of their production, it invites competent freelance journalists from all over the world that need no offices and have fewer restrictions. The Internet favors instant word processing and timely data transmission, it even paradoxically creates marketplaces for selling printed books. And people go on reading the printed word despite a wide variety of digital material available on the Internet.

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Newspapers are not killed by the Internet and other digital sources. The Observer presents its research on the correlation of newspaper websites popularity and their print copies sales. Preston reports that according to the survey of 2010 newspapers that do well on the web are as successful in print, hence much depends on price, investment and innovation. So, traditional journalists should not treat the Internet like the only threat (Preston). It is all about loyalty of the audience and print media should find ways to get audience involved. Adults grow confident that online news sources make up the difference and newspapers may go out of business. Readers find reliability that is often considered to be a drawback of online news items to be comparable to that in local print newspapers. According to Scott Rasmussen, the president of Rasmussen Reports, traditional reporters are more and more frequently considered potentially unreliable as the data they present requires verification similar to Wikipedia references (Rasmussen). Moreover, adults aged 30 to 49 are more confident in the new sources of news than younger or older. Thirty percent of Americans say they read a print version of their local newspaper every day, but under the age of 40, only fifteen percent say the same. Just eight percent of readers say they daily read the online version of their local newspaper (Rasmussen). One-third of Americans have replaced traditional news outlets with news-oriented TV programs like The Daily Show with John Stewart. In the recent article entitled Internet Surpasses Print as News Source the researcher describes a long-term decline that network news undergo, and the Internet cannot surpass television as the major source of national and international news.

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