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Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a successful organization which does not pay special attention to its organizational behavior. It is clear that the major goal of any business organization is to succeed in business. However, it is not easy to achieve this goal without well-qualified and trained employees who play an important role in the competitive market. Organizational behavior studies how employees function, behave and interact between each other in the workplace. Today, organizational behavior is considered to be an essential part of any business. (Brief & Weiss, 2003, p.1)
It is not a secret that there are a great deal of different problems in organizations which are related to organizational behavior. Organizational consultants, or organizational psychologists are those specialists who can help organizations to achieve their key goals due to their knowledge and experience in psychology, sociology, strategy development and other areas. It is known that the main duties of organizational consultants include interviewing employees, analysis of the data, creating reports in order to improve workplace environment.
As I represent an organizational consultant of one of the health care organizations in this paper, and the key manager has requested to make a thorough analysis and a recommended course of actions in order to resolve one of the actual organizational problems, my goal is to give a detailed description of the problem, its causes and possible solutions.
Brief overview of the organization
The Advo Health Care, a well-known health care organization is considered to be one of the largest health care providers in the United States. It is situated in Oak Brook, Illinois. It includes ten acute care hospitals, five trauma centers, two hospitals for children, a home health care company and medical group. About 30,000 employees work in this organization.
My role within organization
My role within this organization is the following one – I am an organizational consultant. My work is connected with design and development of selection and retention, as well as with performance management of this organization. Moreover, I am busy with employee development and some other systems and practices of Human Resources Management.
Some important issues, events, and actions that contributed to problem being discussed
It is known that there are a great deal of different organizational behavior problems within a workplace. One of the widely spread problems is the problem connected with interpersonal communication in the workplace. This organizational behavior problem has been identified by me in the ADVO Health Care. It is known that interpersonal communication plays an important role in team work. Moreover, it is necessary for “supportive and productive employees” and for “long-term customers”. (Sigman, 1998, p.21)
I have found some trouble when I observed the following situations. Such dangerous interpersonal communication troubles can easily thwart the employees’ optimum performance in the organization as well as management team. They include the following issues, events and actions which are considered to be inappropriate in the workplace:
• some employees do not want to cooperate. It is known that cooperation plays an important role in organization. All the employees should be ready to cooperate in order to achieve productivity. However, in our case, several young employees refuse to cooperate. They do not want to answer my questions concerning job satisfaction. They ignore my interviews.
• Some employees avoid others in the workplace. They try to maintain distance from other employees during the meetings. Moreover, they ignore staff parties and try to leave the party as soon as possible. It means that these people feel uncomfortable in the workplace and try to avoid communication with others. The main task for me in this situation is to find reasons and appropriate solutions.
• Staff turnover in this organization is rather high. It means that there are some problems with organization’s culture and the employees have no opportunity to cope with their functions. They try to find better organization with better working conditions. This problem is a serious one and requires certain solutions.

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