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Confucius once said, “Find a job you like, and you will never really work a day in your life.”
However, every job even your dream job should be hard work. Yes, it is easier when you do something your love, but still team work presupposes work with other people, clients, colleagues, and your boss.
What kind of job do you dream about? You probably would love to work in some exotic place, where you could earn nice salary, drink alcohol or take day off whenever you wish. You may think that all people dream of it.
And the truth is not all people dream about all that stuff and some of them are quite happy to do usual tasks like proofreading and formatting. Yes, it is possible that all these people have a lack of imagination or simply are afraid of fighting with the destiny and doing something extraordinary. But sometimes everything depends not on the exotic place of work or the ocean of alcohol. People mostly work in teams, cooperate with each other and it is vital to find employers and managers who really know how to support their teams.
The effective employee motivation has always been on of the most significant management’s duties. As shown in the opening case of the book “Organizational Behavior: Key Concepts, Skills, and Best Practices”, all the managers should not try to motivate employees with only one large general approach. Managers need to pay attention to the traits of character of every employee and the effective employee motivation should be based on these individual differences. Employee motivation is a very hard work and satisfaction and quality of work will depend on it. Managers should persuade every worker that he or she is doing a very important job. Also it is imperative to help employees to develop their skills and knowledge.
Motivation is the key to performance advance.
The old saying states: you may get a horse to the river but you can never force it to drink. The same goes to people. People must be motivated to do something either by themselves or through external stimulus. People are rarely born with the self-motivation. That is why various theories of motivation help managers to motivate the stuff.
According to Kinicki and Kreitner, it is significant to trust and to empower employees to better serve the clients.
Motivating and empowering company’s stuff isn’t simple, because it presupposes that an organization and management to be committed to permanent employee development. It means that creating an environment of trust and helping stuff are the key factors while learning from successes and evaluating the mistakes.
Sharing information with workers is significant because it helps to build trust and gives employees information that will let them make the best decisions in serious situations.
Goals and objectives should be quite clear. This will help to create the construction necessary to guide workers to make decisions to keep clients pleased.
That it’s all right to make mistakes. If managers let employees to make decisions, then executives need to let them make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

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