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These two religions (or religious movements) have certain similarities and differences. Hinduism is not actually a religion; it’s rather a group of various religious movements. On the contrary, Buddhism has an integral nature; it’s a well organized religion. Hinduism and Buddhism are deeply connected and they have substantially enriched each other.
Hinduism is much older than Hinduism and some researches insist that originally Buddhism was a part of Hinduism. The main character of Buddhism, Buddha was raised in a traditional Hindu family and considered to be a reformer of Hinduism. But it should be mentioned that the idea of Buddhism as a part of Hinduism is not popular among the majority of Buddhists.
Both of these religious movements have appeared on the Indian subcontinent; they are related to each other, but these relations are not easy. Nowadays Buddhism has a worldwide success; it has crossed the territory of the Indian subcontinent.
It is known that some religious elements are shared both by Hinduism and Buddhism, such as reincarnation, carma and the cycle of samsara (birth, life, death, and rebirth).
They also have some kind of illusory image of the world, and use some practices like meditation, concentration, and cultivation of the certain states of mind.
Desire is the major reason of suffering both in Hinduism and Buddhism.
What was the most interesting for me to find out is that both religions emphasize the importance of non violence towards any living being. Compassion is the most vital characteristic of human being for both of them. Besides it, Buddhism and Hinduism both were prosecuted in the 6th century by Muslims.

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