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1. According to Talcott Parsons in social action theory, the “act” involves the following criteria: What are they?
According to the theory of Parsons, “the primary social object” is a “single act” which, ultimately, in combination with other social facilities, is “a system of actions” or “acts” between “I” (ego) and “other” (alter ). (Delaney, 2003)
In this sense, the “action” or simply “act” logically includes the following:
– it requires the agent, “activist” or “actor” (actor);
– act, by definition, must be “objective” (end), ie the future state of affairs to which developed and made but the action to 1,
– an act done in the “situation”, the direction of which one or more respects differs from the status quo, which is focused on action, so that from the goal.
In a single “act” include the minimum following characteristics:
(1) goal
(2) the situation, just lag, in turn, on the following components: (a) means and (b) the conditions and, finally,
(3) some normative standard of choice, in accordance with which the goal is associated with the situation.

2. If capitalism encourages a maximization of personal profit, can moral behavior ever be maximized without changing the structure of capitalism?
As you know, social and economic theory of modernity is based on the idea of existence of “economic man” (whose appearance in the economic analysis associated with the name of Smith) in modern capitalist society. This is a person with independent preferences, which seeks to maximize their own benefit and very precisely who knows what this benefit is. In other words, “homo economicus” – is the rational egoist. (Adams, 2001)
In a market economy, consumers are exposed to various types of social and psychological pressures that force them to make unwise decisions. It is evident very definite approach to the person in private interests inherent in the era of modern capitalism, that does not change, and may be won’t change.

3. In what way can it be argued that an overemphasis on one’s physical appearance alienates individuals from themselves? Is the body part of the self or separate from the self?
Everyone knows the expression: “They met on their jackets and escorted to the mind!” Certainly, any person is his first impression of the new acquaintance of his appearance. First of all, a passerby noticed the surrounding people what you see with the naked eye: the relation of man to himself (as a man looks after himself and his appearance), the level of his culture (how people behave in relation to surrounding people and objects), even the mood a passing man. People appreciate this almost instantly, at the subconscious level. But how much important is this score?
Everyone knows that the first impression about a person strongly influences the development of relations between these people in the future. First impressions can be made only once, so we all try look good at parties, at work and other places where you can meet strangers. Also people believe that beautiful appearance shows our beautiful inner world, that is why people usually do not disconnect body from the self.

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