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The US army is one of the most stable organizations in the US. Unlike private companies or other public organizations, the US military is probably the least vulnerable to consistent changes. Instead, professionals working in the US army can forecast their professional development and they can keep progressing depending on their contribution to the organizational performance. Professionals working in the US army can make a successful career, if they are good enough in their work. In spite of the complex and rigid structure, the US military still provides its employees with the steady promotion. Therefore, the devotedness to the US army and hard work will bring positive outcomes and benefits to employees.
Along with steady and foreseeable career development, professionals joining the US military can get better health insurance perspectives. To put it more precisely, the service in the US army offers wider opportunities in terms of health care insurance for professionals, who have joined the US army. To put it more precisely, at the moment, there are diverse health insurance plans for the US military and their family members. This means that new professionals will also get access to insurance plans developed specifically for the US military. As a result, professionals joining the US army can count for the state support in covering their health insurance. In actuality, the government covers a considerable part of health care insurance of the US military. Moreover, the health insurance provided for the US military by the government may, under certain conditions, cover family members of the US military. Taking into consideration the galloping health care costs and the high costs of health care insurance, which has already become unaffordable for many Americans, the health care insurance programs offered by the US army can attract many professionals, who cannot afford their health insurance plans anymore. Therefore, the US army just needs to stress benefits of its health care insurance plans to attract new recruits and to improve consistently their financial position. Moreover, new recruits can be certain in their future health insurance coverage as long as they are with the US military.
Furthermore, the US army should focus the attention of applicants and potential employees on the wide opportunities of education and employment after ending service in the US army. What is meant here is the fact that, after the retirement from the US army, employees can continue their education or find a better employment compared to the one they used to have before joining the US military. In fact, the development of better career opportunities is very prospective for the attraction of new recruits because they may be interested in making a successful career not only within the US military but also in other organizations after ending their service in the US military. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that professionals retiring from the US army may be young enough to start a new career in other organizations but the US military. For instance, many of the US military retire in their thirties-forties. Therefore, they still can find a good and prospective job, where they can make a successful career.
Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the US military can attract new recruits and improve its hiring policies through the improvement of its brand image. To put it more precisely, the US army should conduct the promotional campaign to attract new employees stressing its reliability and providing new employees with certainty in their future. In addition, the US army can provide new employees with attractive health insurance plans as well as their family members. Finally, the US army can offer better job opportunities and education opportunities for professionals retiring from the US army.

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