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Considering the current situation in the society, school and community health education should be taught on different levels. It is necessary, as there is little attention paid to these issues. Teaching school and community health education should be implemented more actively into the educational process to deliver the message of a healthy lifestyle, of the importance of health in a person’s life and of the ways to improve and maintain it. Staying conscious considering these issues will benefit the society and create awareness of the problems and solutions considering heath.
Today, a healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite for the development of various aspects of human life, to achieve its active longevity and proper performance of social functions. The urgency of a healthy lifestyle caused an increase and a change in the nature of loads on the human body in relation to the complexity of social life, increasing the risks of technological, environmental, psychological, political and military nature, provoking negative changes in health status.
As a fact, healthy lifestyle is actively involved in labor, community, family and household, leisure forms of human activity. Consequently, a life of improved health is carried out at three levels: social: advocacy media outreach; infrastructure: the specific conditions in the main spheres of life (free time, material resources), care facilities, environmental control; and personality: a system of value orientations rights, standardization of domestic order.
As a fact, as a subject of teaching public health and health care, it primarily contributes to the quality training of future professionals – doctors, who, while building their skills, will not only be able to properly diagnose and treat patients, but also the ability to organize high-quality medical care, the ability to clearly organize their activities. The teaching school and community health education determines the necessity of education in this sphere for children and for adults, to make them aware of the modern methods and actual trends in the health care. Being informed helps to prevent many illnesses, helps a person to start taking care of his health, to think what he eats, what he does physically and what he can improve to feel better.
Anyway, sooner or later people start preoccupying about their health, about how they feel, what they need to improve. That is why it is important to provide teaching school and community health education for those who are interested in it and for those who will find it useful for their health. Today there are many approaches to help people understand the importance of health education, from the different events to the online communities. As a rule, proper explanation of the basic important issues, new options and innovative activities will attract people’s attention to take care about themselves.
All in all, teaching different issues should be performed in the simple way for everyone to understand the most important points and to make conclusions. Every person has different questions considering health education, and he expects to get the proper answers that will help him. That is why it is important to provide the community with necessary information, useful up-to-date statistics and new sources and to give the necessary recommendations considering the issues. The availability of the consultations and the relevant information are useful for providing the proper education considering heath improvement.

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