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Education has always been of the utmost importance for me because I view my education as the ground for my professional career. At the same time, getting a good education is a challengeable task, especially when you need to work and study in one and the same time. I know it from my personal experience. Nevertheless, now I am entirely focused on my education but I feel being dissatisfied with the college education alone. I need some additional training and education and this is exactly what I am going to find in the NABA Inc. In fact, I do need to join the NABA Inc. because it will give me a chance not only to expand my education but also get better job opportunities.
On analyzing my prospects, I should say that my career objectives imply a strong educational background and extensive practical experience in the field of accounting. This is why I count for the NABA Inc. as the great place where I can expand my professional knowledge and experience and improve my professional skills and abilities. In this respect, I would pay a particular attention to the development of my leadership skills. In fact, I was always inclined to be a leader. For instance, as I played football, I always to be a leader of my team and this trend could be traced in my learning because I was always eager to know more than other and to be more successful than others. buy custom essay
Today, I understand that my strife for leadership is not enough to be a successful leader. Even though I am the president of my student chapter, I feel that I do not have enough leadership skills. To put it more precisely, I have some leadership skills but, recently, I have understood that I do not really know how to use my leadership skills and inclinations effectively. This is why I turn to the NABA Inc. as a place where I can learn how to use my leadership skills properly, what leadership style is the most effective in the contemporary business environment and how I can use it for my benefits and benefits of an organization I will work at.
Furthermore, I expect to develop my social experience and establish new social relationships which can help me to develop my professional skills and abilities as well as to grow at the personal level. I am eager to participate in college activities and so would I participate in NABA Inc. activities because I believe that I should get involved in the community activities to become a member of a community. I cannot use the community to reach my personal and professional goals. Instead, I need to feel that I am useful for my community and that I can do something for people I am living, studying or working with. For instance, I was eager to do a volunteer job and I would gladly carry on my volunteer work in the NABA Inc. I would like to help my community, where I lived in, because many people there suffer from poverty.
Finally, my involvement in the NABA Inc. will change my life beyond the college. In fact, I will have new experience, which can help me to work in different settings and with different people.







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