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Shakespeare exposes all temptations and all illusions, getting up on the way of man for getting a clear idea of all difficulty of fight which is required a man to conduct with surrounding society and with itself. Growth of personality for him is history of its continuous ascent by overcoming experienced by it the stages and forms of the essence. Therefore, Shakespeare in everything the static replaces dynamic, structural – functional, formula – by an analysis, dogma – by criticism, everywhere bringing in thin distinctions and moment of relativity, setting the stages in development of personality and human relations or conflicts. The play Othello is rather bright example of above described author’s actions. The main purpose of this paper is to analyze and discuss in details the play Othello by Shakespeare.
Let’s begin our analysis from the main genre defining. There were written a lot of masterpieces of literature by Shakespeare and the play Othello are among them. Discussing Shakespeare’s plays we can divide them in four main groups: the Histories, the Tragedies, the Comedies, and the Romances. The play Othello we can name a tragedy, because at the end of it numerous characters died and the principal characters are among them too. Describing the play Othello in several words we can mention that it is a famous tragedy about jealousy, where moor, having a young rich beautiful aristocrat as a wife come under his “friend” influence that he is not good couple to his wife and the exhausted by jealousy smothers her. A leading role in his persecution is played by his helper and trusted friend, which appeared not friend, but even the most real enemy Iago.
Shortly describing the tragedy’s plot we can do it in the next way that you will understand from this paragraph. Othello steals Desdemona, Barbantio’s daughter, and gets married on her. His helper Iago and nobleman Rodrigo prepare a conspiracy. They want to destroy Othello and take his place. Othello is convinced by Iago that Desdemona is Cassio’s lover and, for a great regret, Othello begins to trust Iago and be jealous of Desdemona. Iago underlies Cassio Desdemona’s shawl, which Othello presented her one day. After these awful actions a moor makes sure finally that his wife has a lover and she is not honest woman. Othello is advised by Iago to kill his wife during the sleep and put an end of her treason. Then Othello orders Iago to put to death Cassio. After this Othello tells to his wife Desdemona everything in a person, and Iago’s wife Emilia, convinces him, that it is not true. Iago and Rodrigo go to Cassio, and Rodrigo scotches Cassio in the leg, and then sly Iago kills naive Rodrigo. A guard comes and takes away Cassio and dead body of Rodrigo. Iago talks that he tried to protect Cassio, and he did not kill Rodrigo. The moment of Desdemona’s death greatly impressed me, because when Desdemona lay down on a bed, a moor began to tell her everything he knows and wife, like an ordinary guiltless lady begins to deny his words of imputation of treason. Othello smothers Desdemona, but she does not die, and a moor stabs her. Desdemona dies. Guards, Iago, Iago’s wife, Cassio and other people, enter into the room… Iago’s wife tells all truth to all people, and sly Iago stabs her for this truth. At the end of all these actions Othello from the pricks of conscience stabs itself, because he understand that he made an irreparable crime and he can’t live with this feeling anymore. Iago is arrested and it is the final of the tragedy.
Analyzing this tragedy we should mention that the main its characters are Othello, Desdemona and Iago. The rest personages, even Emilia and Cassio, the author modeled far not with such fascination. Shakespeare concentrated all fervor on three basic characters and makes their nature bright and interesting for reader, describing different moments from their life with big inspiration.

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