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Communication is a process by which carried out and develop all varied human mutual relations; characters, signs, and also facilities for their transmission in space and maintenance in time. Communication is a base for all life processes, because people can’t live without communication and need to share information with each other every day. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss communication and describe its main characteristics with more details.
First of all it is necessary to mention that phenomenon, designated now a concept “communication”, exists so long, how many life is on the Earth. Communication in wide sense is an exchange by information between individuals by means of the general system of characters. Communication can be carried out verbal and nonverbal facilities. We can distinguish mechanistic and action approach going near communication. Communication – in mechanistic approach is a unidirectional process of encoding and information transfer from a source and reception of information the recipient of report.

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Describing communication in action approach we see that it is joint activity of participants of communication (communicants) during which general (to the certain limit) look is produced to the things and actions with them. Information of many sciences testify that with the origin of life on Earth there was intercourse of living creatures in the process of search of water sources and food and their getting, in the process of unconscious and with appearance of man, conscious labour actions, procreating, protecting from enemies. Communication, thus, is the process of row of audiovisual actions, directed in the most general sense on a report of some kind of information. Social communication, that communication is in human society, diffuses this process on consciousness, consent, estate, conscience, and sense of things.
Communication can be carried out in all forms of public consciousness – science, art, religion, policy, right, but it becomes the phenomenon of culture in a that measure, in what in its maintenance expressed and humanism ability of man to own them by the attained knowledge and his sources reproduce. The creators of the International encyclopedia of communication examine journalism as natural historical basis of the science about communication. At the same time, they mark that last, though grew on the base of journalism, surpassed by virtue of the newest technical achievements its traditional possibilities in all-purpose scientific cognition of informative processes. In this connection the idea of transition inevitability speaks out by them from journalism to scientific specialization in area of communications. The standard model of mass communication, accepted by many researchers, consists of the most important elements. It is necessary to mention that in communication the special role belongs to the language. Verbal intercourse – it is one of the major forms of activity. It is possible to talk about linguistic activity, linguistic intercourse or linguistic communication, contrasting this form of nonverbal communication, carried out such facilities, as gestures, mimicry, poses, phonation (I.e. those phenomena of audio production, which are not laid in the inventory of conventional in this language of units of intonation and qualities of voice).

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