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I would like to discuss in this paper Microsoft Windows and the main aim is to discuss the question about its necessity and answer on the general question: Is Microsoft Windows a good thing? I would like to use for example one Microsoft Widows component and due to its detailed analysis prove that Microsoft Windows is really necessary for people and society. The component for my analysis has the name Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

First of all it is necessary to say several words about Microsoft Corporation, because exactly to its appearance and today’s existence we have such wonderful global products that make our life mobile and easy. Microsoft Corporation was found in 1975. Nowadays Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software solutions for business management, services and Internet – technologies for personal computers and servers. The company offers a wide range of software products for business and personal use, designed to empower people or companies through great software anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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Discussing Microsoft Windows Server 2008 we should say that it is a Windows Server operating system of the new generation, which helps IT professionals to completely control the infrastructure, providing unprecedented availability and management that allows to reach higher than ever, the level of security, reliability and stability of the server environment. Windows Server 2008 opens up new opportunities for organizations, providing all users, regardless of their location, access to the full range of network services. In addition, Windows Server 2008 has the means to analyze and diagnose the state of the operating system that helps administrators to devote more time to business development.

In Windows Server 2008 based on successful and powerful operating system Windows Server 2003 and enhancements in Service Pack 1 (SP1) and the release of Windows Server 2003 R2. However, Windows Server 2008 – is not just improving the previous operating system. It is designed to provide organizations with the most productive platform for extending the functionality of applications, networks and Web services, from workgroups to data centers, and significantly improve the quality of the underlying operating system.

Thinking about Microsoft Windows Server 2008 I understand that it is full of improvements. For example, In Windows Server 2008 is not only added new features, but also significantly improved, many capabilities of the core Windows Server 2003. Among them is the work of the network, advanced security features, remote access to applications, centralized management of server roles, means of monitoring of the performance and reliability, failover clustering, deployment, and the file system. In my opinion, these and many other improvements should help remove servers to the maximum level of flexibility, reliability and manageability.

Discussing the necessity of the Microsoft Windows to commercials and to the society in general, we see that it is full of new technological improvements that will help people to control all kinds of their activity in easy way. Today we need computers as air and our high technological century requires good technological applications that will help us to develop our business and also communicate with each other with the help of internet.

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