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The “Minn. man charged with stabbing wife 70 times” article describes the case of domestic violence in Minneapolis, which was fatal for a wife, Pauline Nash, 42. Her husband, Billy Nash, 46, had already been charged with assaulting Pauline about one week before her death, but two days later judge Regina Chu released him from the Hennepin County jail in order not to contact his wife. However Billy violated this order. During the next quarrel he stabbed Pauline with paring knife 70 times in the chest and head before their fifth child Brittany Nash, 18, dialed 911 whereas her 13-year-old sister grabbed the bloody knife and fled. Court charged him with first-degree murder and condemned to life imprisonment.
This incident with Pauline Nash is a striking example of man’s physical abuse. Her husband, Billy Nash, allegedly kicked her only because she had refused to have sex with him and later killed Pauline before their children’s eyes, because he didn’t like how she was spending money. Physical abuse type of power is a usual for families, where one member of the family, usually man, is mentally unbalanced, but physically strong then other members. And if somebody or something happens in defiance with his wishes, he begins to slap, hit, punch, pulls hair, throw things and so on.
However this incident could have been avoided using the economic partnership. The economic partnership is a type of family equality between husband and wife. It’s based on the unified management of family budget, and thus doesn’t give the occasion of domestic financial quarrels, because the decisions are made together and both husband and wife are accountable for them. If such economic partnership had taken place in Nash family’s relationships, there will be no matter to quarrel that night, because according to Billy Nash he had been angry at the way his wife was handling money.


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