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The question of ethics is particularly important for a person, who is a part of the society, who works in a team. The development of community and collective identity is impossible without struggle of opposing ideas and positions, without the collision of different points of view and opinions, through which it is possible to overcome the contradictions and disagreements.
The team is a peculiar “mirror-system”, where everyone can see their behavior reflected through the behavior of other people. The mutual understanding and relationships are crucial in the workplace. The conflict is a clash of opposing interests, views and aspirations. This is an active rejection of ideas, practices and methods of work, disputes and disagreements on issues of morality, ethics and manners.
I want to refer to an example, when my behavior was not ethical. At work, I argued with a college because of the new project. I tried to convince him that my point of view is right. I insisted and raised my voice to persuade him but I did not listen to his arguments. Later, I even raised my voice to cry. At the end of our dispute, I went out and slammed the door.
It was not ethical behavior on my part. At work, you should not argue and swear. Instead, you need to resolve calmly all conflicts and disputes.
Now I understand that I had to behave ethically. I had to behave calmly and confidently, but not arrogant. If a person is aggressive, then he is full of negative emotions. It was not ethical to say: “You are deceiving me”, it was better to say: “I feel cheated.” It was not ethically to say: “You are rude”, it was better to say: “I am very disappointed with the way you talk to me”.
If it happened that I lost control of myself and did not notice that I was dragged into the conflict, it would be better to try to keep silence. I should not ask the partner: “Shut up… Stop it!”, but I should stay silent and calm myself.
In this case, my silence would withdraw from the argument and stop it. If I stayed silent, and partner described the rejection of the argument as a capitulation, it would be better not to refute it. In such situations, I need to be calm until the partner calms down. To stop the scandal, I needed to keep silence and ignore the fact of a quarrel, negative arousal of partner.
The winner is not someone, who has the final insulting phrase, but someone, who will be able to stop the conflict at the beginning, who will not let him flare.
Now I understand that I could stop the quarrel, if quietly, and without any words went out of the room. But if to slam the door or before going to say something offensive, it may cause some dreadful, destructive force.
In any conflict, each party evaluates and relates their interests and those of rivals, asking yourself questions: what do I win, I lose, and how important is the subject of dispute for the opponent. On the ground of this analysis, I tried to show a particular strategy of ethical behavior in an argument.
We find ourselves constantly in conflict situations. And although they are divided into industrial and domestic, social and political, the tactics of conflict management is usually one and the same. We need to behave ethically, politely and think about actions and phrases, and not just to show emotions.

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