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Nowadays globalization allows mixing the different cultural traditions in complex forms. For example, on the contemporary restaurant people can meet the mix of Oriental, Western and Slavonic traditions even without noticing this fact. However, some western traditions can hardly be mixed with others; that is why they forced out other traditions from the contemporary life. One of such traditions is the meetings around the table, which are an obligatory part of modern corporative culture. The business meeting in its contemporary meaning can hardly be imagine without the table, because it is comfortable for the communication and work with paper documents. However, this tradition is rather new and it appeared with the development of the corporative culture on the West and its global expansion.
The influence of table on the corporative culture
It is important to remember that many cultures, especially in Asia, didn’t have the tradition of using big tables at all. It is interesting that one of the main factors of impact was the Asian climate. Many regions of the Central and Southern Asia has warm and drought-afflicted climate. Thus, there are no much forests with the perennial trees, which were the main raw material for the furniture in Europe. Besides, warm Asian climate allows sleeping on the floor without a bed and sitting without a chair. For example, Japanese traditions use special mats and low tables. Chinese traditions initially suppose using tables for painting.
At the first glance, the height of the table isn’t very important, but the detailed study shows that Oriental cultures didn’t use chairs for sitting and preferred low tables, though European and later American culture used high tables with the long legs. First tables in Europe were just the desks fixed on the wooden stamps, but with the development of western civilization the different kinds of tables were created for different purposes. The tradition of meeting around the table goes back to the ancient Britain, King Arthur and his knights of the round table.
However, during the period of Imperialism and broadening the Western influence all over the world (starting with the conquest of America and finishing with the contemporary era of globalization) the domination of western trade activity made Asian cultures adopt the western business traditions. Sure, business wasn’t the single area of common life in Asian common life changed under the influence of western civilization, and the very basic of Asian culture traditions changed. It can be briefly mentioned that Oriental cultures had the strict upright hierarchy, and the western societies at this period were more democratic. One of adopted traditions was the usage of table as the main working place and the place of business meetings. The meeting around the table means that every person sitting on the table has more or less equal rights, though the position on the table can be linked with the social status of the person. This idea was adopted in the business traditions all over the world, and at the present times the most of the meetings in the world take place around the table. Nowadays the tradition of business meeting without the table is renewed, though it is still rather unusual event.
The meeting around the table is the Western tradition which was adopted all over the world due to the global expansion of Western corporative culture.

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