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My experience of work in the Runaway Youth Shelter, Texas contributed consistently to the improvement of my professional skills and broadened my eyesight. As the matter of fact, it was a hard job to do but, on the other hand, it was really interesting for me to acquire new experience. I hold the position of the assistant of human resource manager and, in the course of my internship, I learned to recruit the personnel for the work with the youth.
When I have just started working at my position in the Runaway Youth Shelter, I did not think of specificities of recruitment of the personnel for the Runaway Youth Shelter. Instead, I stood on the ground that my basic professional skills are sufficient to identify the best candidates and employ them in the shelter (Solomon & George, 1999). Therefore, at first, I paid a lot of attention to the education of recruits and their professional background, including experience and the position they hold in organizations before. However, in the course of my work I understood that I have to develop my analytical skills to find out professionals capable to worth with children and adolescents, who have escaped from their homes (Piaget, 1992). In this regard, I focused on recruits, who had the desire to work in the shelter and who had educational background related to teaching and psychology. In addition, I just learned to observe individuals and assess them judging from their non-verbal communication to make the right decision.
As a result, I proved to be capable to identify recruits, who got a chance to work in the Runaway Youth Shelter. This was a great experience for me.








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