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. The term human resource management is relatively new replacing personnel management that does not directly incorporate the maximum use of an organization’s human resources (Vienazindiene & Ciarniene, 2007). The changing social, political and economic environment and the market globalization in particular raises new requirements for the public organizations management. Under such circumstances the new public management approach enables managers to transform management of public organizations into the management that reduces bureaucracy and attempts at the greater effectiveness as well as becomes more customer-oriented, advocating flexibility and differentiation (Vienazindiene & Ciarniene, 2007).
The new public management theory presupposes placing an emphasis on human resources as the most sensitive field of public organizations and concentrates on “moving from collectivism to individualism in industrial relations” (Vienazindiene & Ciarniene, 2007). The tendency is exemplified in the role of trade unions reduction and the performance pay introduction in some parts of the public sector. Presently, public organizations turn into the leaders of people management policy and practice. The new public management style reforms originated from the constantly arising new problems in the human resources system of public institutions, including the lack of motivation or possibilities to develop, the status of the civil servant, underdeveloped systems of job payment and promotion etc. However, new requirements stress the significance of the professionalism of human resources, encourage them to strive for skills, require flexibility and individual work (Vienazindiene & Ciarniene, 2007).

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2. The short romantic poem by Walt Whitman “When I heard the Learn’d Astronomer” keenly reflects the philosophical idea on the contrast of two fields such as poetry and science which hardly seem to overlap. This time they do, as the course of lecture crosses the borders of classroom, passes from words to deeds and turns out to be exceedingly important for life. On the example of an astronomer the poet shows readers that to understand things one should move aside and feel his or her individuality, that absolutely essential in our fast-moving world. The poem depicts that in order not to “wander off” the course one should be persistent and acquire knowledge systematically accumulating it, but not “from time to time”. The idea is remarkably indispensable for successful journey undertaking towards the master’s degree in the field. As charts and diagrams cannot sum up the mystery of the universe, making us only step forward, so managers trying hard to enhance the performance will never solve the problem once and for all due to the complexity and the ever-changing conditions in which management develops but the poem gives the idea that an individual is capable of finding a solution to any problem when using the most suitable approach in the right moment.



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