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I consider this course to be very helpful, as it has created a broad perspective of the leadership in general and also helped us to research various aspects of this issue.

At first we’ve learned about the major findings on the leadership research. It includes very important basics of leadership, such as the leadership situations, behavior, traits and skills, etc. Then we’ve understood the progress and advantages of integrating these various findings in different approaches.

The next part of the course included the theories of effective leadership, such as dyadic, group and organizational level. We’ve also learned about biases on the conceptualization of leadership and biases in research methods and other methodological issues. (Yukl, 2010)

An interesting concept for me was the issue of the innovative technologies, leadership and collective learning. Technologies and knowledge make a great impact in the current technologically booming environment and there is a dilemma of adaptation and reaction for any leader that is faced with any new technology. Leaders could be dived into the groups depending on the level of their acceptance of the latest technologies. (Storey, 2004). The ability of the organization to achieve a high level of innovations and flexibility is the one vital conditions of the market success. And this factor depends on the leaders of this organization.

I also consider the issues of the role modeling and organizational culture as another important focuses of the leadership theory.

The role modeling and cascading in the organization was a new issue for me. Role modeling means leading by example. Under this concept, leader has creating standards of behavior in the whole organization. Various ways of effective communications among leaders and lower-level employees were reviewed at this stage of the course.

Organizational culture somehow connects to the issue to the issue of the role modeling. Organizational culture concept states that cultural values can enhance the results of the whole organization and leaders can influence their employees by their actions and statements.

To sum up, I find the leadership in organizations subject a crucial element of the strategic management. Organization is nothing without effective leadership; without it, it will operate in a totally chaotic way.

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