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4. Limitations
In accordance with the objectives and tasks of the research, the conclusions about the marketing mix of the company will be made for the period of recession. That is, the resulting conclusions and plans for development will be of short-term.
But the importance of changes in company strategy is determined by the contradiction between the practical objectives of the company and the existing situation. In recent years increasingly used strategy development company and, accordingly, to strategic planning. The development of the strategic aspects of marketing on the consumer goods market is crucial because market has entered into a stage of its development when the absence of clearly defined strategies, based on the results of marketing research leads to inefficiencies of marketing activity and loss of competitive advantages. The essence of marketing in today’s consumer market is the priority of individual needs of the entire industrial and commercial activities of the enterprise. Therefore, marketing should be seen not only as one of the controls, but also as a global function that determines the content of all marketing activities of the enterprise.
Because of modern marketing is, above all, strategic, it increases focus and scientific justification of marketing decisions. Strategic plans are increasingly relying on long-term programs that define the global objectives of the company’s market.
5. Structure of dissertation
Chapter I. Introduction
1. Aims and objectives of research
2. Rationale for choosing the topic: why the topic of the research is relevant, what is the significance of the topic and the research
3. Theoretical background
Main theoretical ideas about the promotion mix as important component of marketing mix, which combines the methods and techniques of impact on customers. The main components of promotion mix are reviewed: advertising, sales promotion and public relations.
4. Limitations – what limitations of the results of the research may be and the reasons of these limitations.
Chapter II: Literature review
2.1 Introduction: the author investigate mainly academic and journal information and partly internet sources related to marketing promotion and will carry out the project based on these sources
2.2 Advertising
2.3 Direct marketing
2.4. Sales promotion
2.5. The effect of promotion mix on consumer behaviour.
Chapter III: Research methodology and design:
1. Research design
2. Research methodology
3. Sampling Method and Configuration
4. Qualitative research method
5. Interview
Chapter IV: Data Analysis
1. Introduction :
The data analysis as identification of meaningful patterns of the qualitative and the quantitative data of the research
2. Analysis of the questionnaire (Quantitative Research) :
The questionnaire was designed to find out the effectiveness of Sainsbury’s promotion strategy on customers and customers perspective on other variables of the research. The received data of the interviews and analytical analysis of the results.
3. Interpretation of Interview (Qualitative analysis)
Qualitative research provides minute details in the data collection process.
4. Promotion Mix
Information was sought from the employees regarding the promotion mix adopted in Sainsbury.
5. Effect of the promotion mix during recession
The benefits of the promotion mix adopted by Sainsbury, according to the views of employees of East ham branch on whether at their store the promotion mix adopted during recession was effective or not.
6. Effect of Promotion mix Post recession
The perspective of both the customers and the employees on the research variable.
Chapter V: Conclusion – main results of the research about the promotion mix of the Sainsbury company, the analysis of the data and analytical conclusion about the results
Chapter VI : Recommendations
Advices for the Sainsbury company management on the promotion mix, that include promotion ideas to company to increase sales of the company, attract more customers and increase profits. All these recommendations of the promotion mix for the company are called to lead to good changes in the results of the company in the post recession period.
Chapter V: Conclusion
The main activity of the marketing system is a process and its dynamics, so practically any organization uses the methods and functions of promotion mix in their activities. While organizations that produces goods or services, as well as all trading companies are obliged to work effectively using a promotion mix effectively.
At each stage of the life company uses different types (concepts) of promotion, so the next stage of business development needs different approaches of promotion, especially in the stages of growth and decline. At later stages of company development the task of promotion becomes a work of maintaining the stability of demand for the product (service) and identifying new market sectors, as well as organization of constant monitoring of the wishes of buyers of goods (services).
Thus, the marketing mix in the organization is required to achieve the effectiveness of any organization at any stage of its development. But while the promotion mix is not always a 100% guarantee against the possible problems of organization, if one is on stage, marketing was not involved in the business plan or simply were not conducted market research.
The crisis and decline in the company, the crisis of promotion is a rather frequent phenomenon in our days. Before many managers stands a problem: how to get out of this situation, how to improve their condition. To this problem has been devoted the research.
The aim of research was to evaluate the promotion mix adopted by Sainsbury east ham branch London. The company needs to make changes in it’s promotion strategy and promotion mix due to the current situation of recession in 2008-2009, and especially after the recession period.
The study examined questions such as:
1. Systematics of the theoretical foundations of improving marketing activities;
– The nature and objectives of the marketing activity of the enterprise;
– Organization of marketing activities of the enterprise;
– Methods of marketing research in the enterprise.
2. The analysis and evaluation of marketing and commercial activities of the company:
– evaluation of whether the promotional strategies used by the Sainsbury’s address the factors that influenced the customer’s purchase decision making;
– evaluation of different factors that has influenced the purchase behaviour of the customer from location point of view;
– assessment of the effectiveness of marketing activity of Sainsbury.
3. Develop proposals for improving the commercial and marketing activities;
– Ways to improve the effectiveness of the marketing services and its relationship with the commercial component of the company;
– Improving the efficiency of the study of consumer demand for products and goods.
The aim of the research of promotion mix at the last stage was correctly analyze the information gathered and make recommendations for effective management decisions.
The aim of the research was to recognise the importance of promotion mix and to understand the consumer behaviour in response to the promotion mix based on their environmental and economical factors. This was done by taking the example of Sainsbury and studying its promotion mix during recession and post recession.
The research was done by both quantitative and qualitative methods. During the research interviews were arranged with 4 employees of Sainsbury east ham branch through in-depth questioning with an open-ended approach. Also structured questionnaires from quantitative technique were also used to gather the responses from customers. The sample size was 20 questionnaires for regular customers of Sansbury and 4 depth interviews with management personnel.
The questionnaire was designed to find out the effectiveness of Sainsbury’s promotion strategy on customers and also to get more information on customers perspective on Sainsbury Basic range of products.
The results of research are based on the data analysis from the responses of questionnaire, and interviews of employees of Sainsbury. The data received from the interviews with customers of the Sainsbury shows that Sainsbury was successful in the promotion mix adopted during recession, that was proved by the 60% of respondents. These results affirms the reports of Assosia that during the recession all the major supermarkets massively increased the special offers and promotions with Sainsbury leading the ways.
Also the data of the interviews showed that recession did affect the customers, that was proved by the 65% of respondents.

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