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First of all I’d like to mention that it was rather difficult to find a person who witnessed the earliest stage of development of such kinds of mass media as: sound recording, radio, TV and movies. In the matter of fact the overwhelming majority of people who were old enough to tell a lot on the topic had either some memory problems or simply couldn’t understand what I wanted from them. When I was already on the point of being completely disappointed a friend of mine remembered that one of the friends of his mother lived together with her old mother.
When I came to her place I was seeing into sweet and cozy living-room with many photo frames on the walls of it. Although the old lady was 85 years old, she was surprisingly cheerful and seemed very friendly, but the main trait of her character was talkativeness by all means. I spent a lot of time communicating to her and enjoyed that greatly. Of course there was gathered a great deal of interesting and useful for the project information.
Sound Recording
What records did you listen to?
Elizabeth says that during the 1940s jazz was the most popular music among people she knew. Bing Crosbym, Frank Sinatra and Perry Como were on the peak of their popularity. Rock’n’roll was just on the eve of its development.
Who was your favorite recording star?
I discovered that the favorite recording star of Elizabeth was Cab Calloway. She still remembers his divine (in her own words) baritone voice. His orchestra was great as well: the members of it were very prominent musicians, including Dizzy Gillespie (“the most talented guy” if to follow Elizabeth’s words).
Were you allowed to play music whenever you wanted, or were there parental limitations in your house?
Nevertheless the time period Elizabeth was growing in was strict and even somewhat severe, her parents managed to preserve their tolerant attitude to their children’s activities. Elizabeth says that there were no limits for them within their house as for music. It goes without saying that they didn’t listen to music at night.
Do you remember any patriotic songs of that time period? Could you mention some of them?
Elizabeth definitely states that there were a lot of patriotic songs then – it was war-time after all. She named several songs, such as: Carl Hoff’s “You’re a Sap Mr. Jap” and Kate Smith’s “God Bless America”.
The information I learned from Elizabeth concerning music almost absolutely coincides with my personal vision of that aspect in the time period between 1930s and 1940s. She proved that the most favorite genres of those times were jazz and blues. I was in the know that there were a lot of music themes dedicated to war, but know I discovered several more songs, about which I hadn’t known before.


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