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Music is a very powerful medium in the society because it facilitates communications that goes beyond words. It plays important part in human development in the early years. Listening to music changes mood and can improve performance on a range of academic task. Music has started changing right from the late 19th century to early 20th century due to modern day culture and new technology system. In the olden days we talk about different kind of music like traditional music, but nowadays the reigning music is Secular Music where by 99% musician will neither base on Hip-Hop nor Christian music. The world changes and this affect everything in there including dressing mode, movies and music. In order to make sales today musicians have to keep to the latest music in the society even in the churches nowadays we found that gospel music has really changed in order to carry people along.
Music plays a significant role in our world everyday. It has the power to uplift us through the tough time. It brings us joy, in fact it has the power to touch our heart sometimes when nothing else can. As for the society, it has many various roles and positions as well, some describe it as a way to socialize and allow people of different nations to interact with one another without having anything else in common. Others interpret it as acceptable way for them to remit different emotions like anger and frustration without doing anything reckless and for some it gives them peek into other people’s lives and acts like a drug. I think that sometimes you even have noticed that people with the same music preferences tend to hang out together, think alike, wear the same clothes and their ideas are alike just because they have similar to each other music preferences and also listen to the identical type of music.
Comparing and contrasting two kinds of music, I mean today’s music and troubadour’s music we can state next facts. Today’s music and the music of the Troubadours have little similarities. Troubadours’ songs provide narrative insight into the lives and courts of the noblemen likewise some of today’s music. Among the instrument used in the middle ages in Troubadour music is also use in the modern music of today. Today’s music for instance Rap Music & Hip-Hop focus on more upon rhyming element and dance element such as break dance and various form of street dance like music. Troubadour songs deals mainly with themes of courtly love and it is emerged in southern France. Today’s music is generally meant for everybody including children. It is very lively and danceable unlike Troubadours which is olden days music. The world is changing likewise everything in there although little of Troubadours music has been preserved but secular song are more diversified than plain song.

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