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We live in high technological and speed century, but exactly today in our fast time many people should work with their computers a lot of time, and it caused obesity. It is well-known fact the big amount of our population have such disease as obesity and people suffer from their superfluous weight. I’d like to discuss the questions of obesity in more details through the body of this work and pay our attention on main characteristics that leads to obesity.
Defining the term “obesity” we should said that it is a medical condition in which superfluous body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health, leading to health problems and changed sometimes personality’s internal world, because obesity can cause bad mood and inferiority complex. Gard (2004) demonstrates that obesity is divided on specific extents (on the amount of fatty tissues) and on types (depending on reasons, resulting its development). Obesity conduces to the heightened risk of origin of saccharine diabetes, hypertensive illness and other diseases, related to the presence of overweight. Reasons of surplus of weight have influence on the spread of fatty tissues (mildness, elasticity, percent of maintenance of liquid), and also on a presence or absence of changes of skin (tensions, extended pores, so-called “cellulite”).
Nowadays many women suffer from cellulite and hate their body for this disease. It is necessary to mention that according to the last statistical data obesity became a serious problem for the population of the developed countries. Oliver (2006) stated that superfluous weight causes many diseases, treatment of which, and their prophylaxis in many cases caused doctors to the obesity treatment, to the correct and effective weight loss. Researchers proved that obesity appears from a metabolic disturbance (weakening or decelerations). Pool (2001) proclaimed that energy (calories) enters organism and stay there because they have no possibility to be burnt by sport activity or other actions. But it is the result and not the beginning of the process. We should pay special attention on principal reasons that leads to obesity and defiant it:
 improper feeding;
 insufficient mobility, small physical activity;
 wrong way of life;
 inadequate reaction on stress situations;
 excessively long sleep, sleep in daily time;
 use of hormonal preparations.
Thus, based on all above discussed we could come to the conclusion that obesity is a problem that caused different diseases and change the quality of our life. Why does obesity develop superfluous weight? Rashad and Grossman (2004) are sure that “obesity has a large genetic component, and this plays an important role in explaining why a given individual is obese.” In my opinion people should understand that they have problem with their weight and then accept existence of their problem on psychological level. There are many different methods of obesity treatment were developed, but the main reason of obesity we can find in people’s mind and first of all it is necessary to pay attention on this psychological direction.










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