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Given that:
a = Truth, b = God, c = Mother, d = Peanuts, e = Logic, f = Donkey, and g = Death, solve for (n) the following formula: e+b / a(f – d) + g(c+d) = n
Using words, explain in a clear rapturous sentence what (n) means.
Then, in another sentence explain what (n) would mean to a mere animal, and how it might change his or her dismal beast of a life.
In this equation, n means “religion”. The equation uses the following symbolic allegories: Mother is the allegory for human beings, Donkey is the allegory for animals, Peanuts is the allegorical image for the “core”, “kernel” essence of things. Thus, the existential equation described above states that religion is the logical justification of the existence of God which was created by human beings in their fear of death in the attempt to learn and understand the core essence of living, while animals do not possess the fear of death and consequently are not driven to understand the truth and the essence of being, thus intuitively grasping the truth in their lives.
For a mere animal, this statement would mean that the life of the animal is not affected by the fear of death as it happens with human beings, and although this animal does not use logic and belief for cognition purpose, it automatically acts in the most truthful and appropriate way. Thus, animals automatically follow their purpose of being, make their choices and arrive to happiness without having such an instrument as religion, while humans struggle to understand the essence of existence with their mind, using logic and belief as two components of cognition.

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