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One of the main activities of the United States to reduce drug trafficking is the cooperation with foreign law enforcement agencies, as drug groups are involved in selling drugs in the United States, acting not only within the borders of one country. In the current situation, when the U.S. government has exorbitant debts, when its economy is claimed to be in need of stimulation, and the government, at least rhetorically, declaring the need to reduce costs, Washington is still going in the coming years to spend billions of dollars on the world “war on drugs”.
Experts have repeatedly warned Washington that in the fight against the Afghan drug threat there needs to be created an integrated approach of promoting local farmers and prosecuting drug lords. Curiously, a few years ago the British with the help of monetary compensation to Afghan farmers could have achieved substantial reductions in illicit drugs. They have even begun to pay more than 1250 dollars for farmers per hectare of poppy fields destroyed. However, given the constantly increasing in size of the poppy fields and the peasants’ fear of the Taliban, this method eventually proved to be ineffective.
The money will be spent including violent prohibitive measures on “bribing” the police and the courts of the allies, to deprive small farmer’s livelihoods (which are supposed to be compensated for some of the handouts in the form of “development assistance”).
And, as a fact, there is always more being told than done in the country. No significant changes, however, no one seriously expects. The problem of the drug trafficking itself exists, but people no more believe in justice in this area, as there are so many businessmen involved in this business and only few believe that this will end one day.
All in all, “war on drugs” against the drug should have been cause enormous interest among those who study political history, political science and philosophy, as with almost unprecedented illustrates the stupidity of the rulers and society. Few other important political issues, which need to follow the intended target are justified as absurd, archaic and detached from any reasonable concept of public good arguments (which in this case has never been questioned), but efforts so obviously futile and vain. To reduce drug trafficking in the United States can only be achieved with the help of the strong cooperation with other countries, a considerable campaign for the healthy lifestyle and strict preventive measures and severe punishment for using drugs.



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