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The aim of this work is an attempt to study the phenomenon of values in the music and influence of music on the person’s identity, description of perspective and analysis of some research on this topic. Defining the role and place of music in contemporary society in the context of its socio-economic transformation.
There will also be considered certain cultural phenomena that are characteristic of the modern music world. In particular, this phenomenon is the merger of certain genres of music with each other, such as an underground cultural phenomenon from the standpoint of the social dimension of culture.
There will also be made an attempt to solve some problems related to finding the mechanisms of perception of musical genres and identify factors that affect it. This will be implemented synchronous and diachronic analysis of data obtained from studies conducted on a larger time interval, and involving a total of more than 220 people.
Unfortunately, we could not cover in these studies all genres of music, in particular, has not been studied perception of such musical genre as jazz. This can be explained by the complexity of jazz to differentiate as a separate genre, as it is considered to be the foundation of many modern genres of music and almost each of these genres today, elements of jazz. It should also be mentioned that for a more complete study of changes in the perception of various musical genres over time, multiple measurements need to be carried out in intervals of several years.
However, it is hoped that this work will be continued and become one of the links in the chain of a large study. And yet, this work gives some idea of the problem of finding the mechanisms of perception of the value of music and its content.

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II. Background
In modern society music takes a special place, though it plays an important and positive role in life of every person. But even the ancient philosophers described the positive therapeutic effect of music on people. Plato argued that it was sent to us by heaven ally in our request to bring order and harmony of mind. Followers of Pythagoras developed a technique of musical psychotherapy, which included a daily program of songs and musical pieces for the lira, which gave people courage in the mornings, and then relaxing during the day, preparing people to peaceful sleep with pleasant and prophetic dreams. (Kivy 2002)
Music had a representation of ancient tonic and restorative effect, because it was able to reunite the alienated individual in harmony with the Cosmos. Later, the problem of connection of music and the universe was worked by Newton, who saw in it the closest analogue of the ordered cosmos ( Kivy 2002)
Thus it is possible to determine the historical doctrine of the perception of music as a teaching about the relationship with the universe, but not it’s connection with person’s social life. This is primarily due to the fact that while the music still didn’t take such a place in society as now, there wasn’t such a variety of genres as we are seeing today. Nowadays any music critic can name at least half a dozen of different styles, trends and genres that exist today.
Thus, there is a question of finding patterns in perception. However, it should be noted that the mere perception of music has several aspects: socio-psychological aspect and the aspect relating to the impact on perception. Consequently, all studies on this topic see these two aspects, finding in each their own mechanisms and laws.
Any work of art can not be seen from the perspective of “pure” art, because when this product comes into the light, it becomes an integral part of the world around it and should be considered only in the context of this world, the reality of the times in which it is located. To do this you must define the place that music occupies in contemporary society, and analyze the perception of music in the context of its position in the outside world. Music has become an integral part of everyday human life, and now there is probably not a lot of people who during the day would not feel it’s effect. As mentioned above, music nowadays has so many different genres and styles, each of which has a huge army of fans who give their sympathy to it, often completely rejecting all others. So how can we explain the popularity of a certain genre? What patterns of differences can be found in perception of, for example, rock music and pop?
Unlike the majority of modern publications on the subject that mainly evaluative positive or negative effects of music on the audience, the purpose of this work is to draw attention to the factors of perception associated with the personality and personal meaning which the listener finds in a musical work.
How can we trace the transfer of music perception in the perception of the world? In the perception of listeners all depends on the problem of unique individuality, because we have to deal with individuals, and hence the same genre of music can be perceived by different people quite differently. However, despite the fact that such a multiplicity of perceptions, not removable, however it is not infinite and if the totality of associations generated by a single genre, estimates that it receives, it is possible to trace the perspective of some general trends. (Adorno 2002)
The aim in this case is an attempt to trace the link between attitudes preferred genre and attitude to life, and not finding the installation mechanisms through which the listener and performer. How music can affect the formation of the a priori grid of values of dimension, which will influence the adoption of choice?

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