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As a matter of fact, an old friend of Socrates, Crito was willing to save him from the prison, because the death penalty for Socrates was inevitable. It should be noted that in this dialogue Crito asked Socrates to escape with him because he doesn’t want to lose his best friend. Moreover, Crito is ready to spend all his money to bribe the jailers and informants, and if this sum of money will not enough, there are a lot of other friends, who are willing to spend all their money to save Socrates from death. In this dialogue, Crito suggest Socrates to escape to Thessaly, where he will be welcome and in secure. Also, Crito declares that Socrates’ death will be benefit for his enemies. However, the most powerful argument of Crito is that by his death, Socrates will betray his children, because he did not give education to his children and thus he condemns them to the usual fate of orphans. In other words, Crito is trying to say that by dying, Socrates chooses the easiest path, but not fighting for his ideals, that Socrates do not realize how much he still can create. Moreover, the refusal of Socrates to escape will cast a shadow on his friends. Most would say that his friends backed away from Socrates in hard times.
In turn, Socrates stated that he can not put away his principles, according to which he lived his life. The goal, even the high and fair, does not justify, according to Socrates, the low and criminal means. It can be seen from the following quote: “In the matter of just and unjust, fair and foul, good and evil, which are the subjects of our present consultation, ought we to follow the opinion of the many and to fear them; or the opinion of the one man who has understanding, and whom we ought to fear and reverence more than all the rest of the world: and whom deserting we shall destroy and injure that principle in us which may be assumed to be improved by justice and deteriorated by injustice; is there not such a principle?”.

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Also, he considered as intolerable injustice and wrong to answer to someone else’s injustice and evil. If he dies in accordance with the verdict, he would end his life, resentful people, but not laws. Although, if he escapes from prison, having given offense for the shameful insult and evil for evil, in breach of its obligations of a citizen before the state and the law – this cause a harm to his honor. This crime will bring upon him the wrath not only of the earth, and the divine laws: for Laws Aida, where everyone moves after death – brothers of the local, earthly laws. Consent to death is a necessary and inevitable condition of the struggle for justice, unless, of course, this fight is serious and principled. It was the life and struggle of the Socrates’ philosophy. Moreover, the essential motive against the prison break was city-state patriotism of Socrates, his deep and sincere affection for his hometown. Without any doubts, devotion to the polis and its laws was the highest ethical standard of the citizen to Socrates.
I strongly believe that Socrates was an outstanding person and Crito loved and valued him for his wisdom, commitment to the principles, and loyalty to his polis. In turn, Socrates valued Crito as a discussion partner, his loyalty, and his beliefs. Unfortunately, Crito did not understand deep meaning of Socrates action, but was he able to do it? Remember, his old friend was sentenced to death and as any real man and friend he did everything to help him. I think that Crito had to try to help Socrates to escape from prison, thereby he gave Socrates the opportunity to see that there is an alternative way, which, in turn, gave Socrates the opportunity to understand that is a wrong way in this situation and his way – is the only correct in this circumstances.

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