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In the present context of increasing globalization, employing organizations and their environments have become increasingly complex. Managers in these organizations face growing difficulties in coping with workforces that may be spread across a variety of countries, cultures and political systems. (Mishra, Akman 2010, p.271)
Communication technologies are transforming organizational structures and business processes, breaking down organizational and geographic boundaries. (Sparrow, Brewster & Harris 2004, p.1)
Recruitment is the process by which organizations discover, develop, seek, and attract individuals to fill actual or anticipated job vacancies. (Sims 2002, p.107)
This paper is dedicated to the analysis of the recruitment process in a well known company Tesco PLC. Tesco is a global retailer with the Headquarters in Cheshunt, UK. (“About Tesco”, from
Tesco specializes on grocery and general merchandise retailing and it is successful not only on its domestic market, but also on international markets like the United States, Republic of Ireland, Thailand, China, Poland and others. Actually, Tesco is considered as the grocery market leader in the UK, Malaysia, the Republic of Ireland and Thailand.
It needs to be mentioned that this company is one of the largest global retailers. The company’s history began in 1919 and the first store of this retailer has appeared in 1929.
What is the most fascinating about this retailer is that it has started as UK-focused grocery retailer and then the diversification of business has made its impact on Tesco. Nowadays it’s retails of a global-scale that specializes on various areas, for instance clothing, electronics, furniture, petrol and software; financial services; telecoms and internet services; DVD rental; and music downloads. (“About Tesco”, from
The expansion was made by buying the new stores and also by adapting to the needs of consumer. The retailer actually aims to achieve ‘one stop shopping’ (clients are able to find everything they need at one place).
I need to mention that Tesco’s major aim is ‘to serve the customer’. (“About Tesco”, from Therefore the company is focused on keeping existing clients, because it is know that it is much more cost effective than the acquisition of the new clients.
One of the results of this international expansion was the grown need in additional staff. Nowadays the company states that it has 280,000 UK employees and 460,000 in general, including international markets.
The analysis of Tesco recruitment policy may be very useful for understanding the process of recruitment in a big international company. And I should note that this example is unordinary. For instance, Tesco says that approximately 80% of its management positions are recruited from within the company. This fact straight away indicates that the recruitment policy is attentive and respectful towards existing staff.
Also, I find the aim of company’s human resource management is quite aspiring “…to encourage ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.” (“About Tesco”, from

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