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World War I had been an event of the great significance for the first times. According to its dimensions and after effects it did not have the equalities within the previous history of the humanity.  The First World War lasted 4 years 3 months and 10 days (from August 1, 1914 till November  11, 1918), 38 countries were involved within the war processes at that times nearly 1,5 milliard (approximately two thirds of all the Earth’s population) people dwelled within these countries  . The multimillion armies took part in the battlefield processes, which used the newest technologies of the military arts. It is a well known fact that a number of so called inhumane weapons (it is contemporary relation to such military techniques) were involved and tested during the World War I and used for the later military conflicts. General number of the soldiers participating the WWI reached 73,5 million people and the war brought very significant damage to the civilians dwelling on the territories the war occurred. 10 million people were killed during the conflict (historians, investigating the subject came to the conclusion that so many of people were killed during the military conflicts through a thousand years) and 20 million were injured during the war – these are the results of these conflicts.  According to the data provided through the investigations on the subject the direct expenses of participating in the conflict countries were nearly 208 milliard of dollars, which is 10 times larger than the cost of the wars lasting since 1793 to 1907 .This war provided a significant impact on the whole development of the historical processes: it caused the sharpening of the class fight, activation of the nationalist movements; the war was one of the main reasons that increased rising of objective pre-conditions of the socialist revolution in the Russian empire.

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Some left-oriented historians considered that the World War I and the Revolution of 1917 in Russia caused the total crisis of capitalism and it was one of the most significant after effects that impacted the history development within the countries involved in the conflict. The history of the WWI attracted attention of the numerous investigators, from different countries in the whole world. The writers were intended to analyze the reasons from different aspects, economical sociological military and examined it after effects. They analyzed cardinal questions dealing with the roots, processes and lessons of the war lasting during the 1914 – 1918, its impact on the further economical development, socio-political life of the conflicting countries, the role of the every participant and the character of the military operations and military tactic arts. The investigation of the First World War is still acute within the contemporary realities as it strongly deals to the one of the most significant, even burning questions – the problem of the peace and the war. The generation of people living in age of nuclear missiles turn to the past experience for the better understanding the present day events. We and our contemporaries are eager to learn what the reasons were and which newest military missiles were used during the war in order to understand present day’s events.

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