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The behavior of consumers affects consistently the marketing strategy companies choose to reach the target customer group. In this respect, it is possible to refer to the example of the mobile phone industry, which keeps growing and where the competition is extremely high. To study the consumer behavior, it is necessary to conduct a detailed marketing research but sometimes it is possible to pose just a few questions to find out how the consumer behavior may change, if the marketing strategy of the company changes and how important it is to respond adequately to any changes in the consumer behavior. In actuality, the consumer behavior defines, to a significant extent the marketing strategy companies choose to promote their products and services and to position them in the market. On the other hand, companies can introduce marketing strategies that influence and change the customer behavior. In such a situation, companies should balance their marketing strategies and consumer behavior and, what is more, they should respond fast and adequately to any changes in the consumer behavior to meet needs, wants and expectations of consumers.
In terms of the current study, three groups of potential consumers were involved in short interviews, including colleagues, peers, and friends. All three groups were posed one and the same set of questions, which was as follows:buy research paper
(1) When was the last time you bought a mobile phone
(2) What brand did you choose? What was your decision process in making this choice?
(3) How would you describe this brand’s personality? [If the brand were a person, what would it be? An animal? A tree?]
(4) Suppose this brand appeared on a totally different product. For instance, Motorola enters sport shoes market. What is your reaction?
Basically, these questions provoked the similar reaction in the subjects involved in the study, although the last question surprised practically all of the participants of the study. On analyzing the responses of the subjects of the study, it is worth mentioning the fact that the subjects of the study buy mobile phones frequently. At any rate, all of the subjects responded that they bought a mobile phone within the last two year period. This means that potential buyers of the target product, i.e. a mobile phone, are likely to buy mobile phones frequently.
At the same time, while choosing a brand or product, consumers paid a lot of attention to functionality of the devices they were about to buy and innovations. The latter was particularly important. For instance, some of the subjects have bought i-Phone, whereas some others were considering the possibility of buying i-Phone, instead of conventional mobile phones due to the innovations i-Phone offered them. Therefore, innovations affect consistently the decision making process and choices consumers make in relation to their mobile phones. This means that they buy mobile phones on the ground of their technological characteristics and innovations.
On the other hand, the brand also plays an important part in the behavior of customers because the majority of subjects involved in the interviews agreed that they preferred mobile phones manufactured by renowned brands. They felt more confident in renowned and popular brands then in other devices manufactured by less popular brands. For instance, the decision to buy i-Phones was taken by some of the respondents under the impact of the high popularity of these devices and just because they were first in the industry. In such a way, brand influences consistently the consumer behavior. At this point, it is possible to presuppose that customers would likely to buy products of renowned brands, even if the quality of their products was similar to the quality of products of less renowned products. In such a way, renowned brands are in an advantageous position compared to other companies.
On the other hand, some respondents had difficulties with the description of the personality of the brand but the majority of respondents provided clear associations with certain people. Remarkably, many respondents associated brands of their mobile phones with some celebrities. At this point, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that celebrities can affect consistently decision making and choices of consumers. This is why many companies implement successfully the strategy of celebrity endorsement to attract customers and to influence their behavior. In fact, many consumers follow the lead of celebrities. This means that they buy products, which they associate with certain celebrities. For instance, if a celebrity is involved in the promotion of a mobile phone, consumers admiring with the celebrity buy this mobile phone. Alternatively, celebrities are perceived by the public as authorities and consumers believe that celebrities choose the best products. This is why they buy the same products as celebrities. At the same time, consumers believe that buying the same products as celebrities or the products advertised by celebrities they become close to the celebrities. In such a way, the celebrity endorsement may be an effective marketing strategy to influence the customer behavior and to attract customers to products and services offered by companies.
At the same time, practically all respondents were surprised, while some were just puzzled, when they were asked the last question. To put it more precisely, they came absolutely unprepared to perceive the renowned brand in the totally new market. However, in spite of the surprise and puzzlement, the respondents still answered the last question. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the majority of the subjects proved to be ready to buy a new product of the renowned and reputable brand. This means that consumers have strong associations with certain brands they trust in or are confident in. In other words, the brand plays the determinant part in choices made by consumers. In fact, consumers are confident in the brands they prefer. As a result, they believe that all the products manufactured by certain brands are of the high quality, even if the brand enters absolutely new market, where it has no experience of operations and consumers have no experience of using its new products. Initially, consumers have high and positive expectations relying almost entirely on the brand that proves the great role brands play in the contemporary business environment and consumer behavior. As the matter of fact, renowned brands can manipulate, to a certain extent by the public opinion.
Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the consumer behavior depends on multiple factors. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that the consumer behavior in the mobile phone industry may depend on the quality of products, their technological characteristics, and innovations used in the mobile phones consumers prefer to buy. At the same time, the consumer behavior depends consistently on the brand and their popularity in the public. The latter is particularly important in the contemporary business environment because customers are often ready to buy products of renowned brands, even if the brands have no experience of manufacturing these products. In such a situation, they need to develop effective marketing strategies to influence consumer behavior and to reach the target customer group. The use of the brand power is an effective tool to make customers buying products or services sold under the renowned and popular brand. Nevertheless, the quality of products and services are still important and influential in terms of consumer decision making process.


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