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What are the major requirements for the job advertisement according to Tesco rules? They should contain enough information to attract suitable candidates, act as a checking device to make sure that applicants with the right skills are chosen for interview, and set the targets and standards for job performance. (from
It needs to be mentioned that these documents have a combined form in the company we’re talking about. This approach helps to hire the right people and also it’s defines the standards for each position that may be helpful later for personal assessment.
Like any other big organization, Tesco has a specific organizational structure and in accordance with it, the company requires people with appropriate skills at every level of it.
The organizational structure in Tesco consists of are six levels and each of them requires particular set of skills and knowledge:
“Work level 1: These jobs include direct communication with the store’s customers. For instance, these may be positions with in-store tasks, such as filling shelves with stock. Work level 1 requires the ability to work accurately and with enthusiasm and to interact well with others.
Work level 2: These jobs include both leading roles and direct communication with the customers (for instance, leading a team of employees who deal directly with customers). Work level 2 requires the ability to manage resources, to set targets, to manage and motivate others.
Work level 3: These managing positions include running an operating unit. Work level 3 requires management skills, such as planning, target setting and reporting.
Work level 4: These managing positions include support of operating units and recommending strategic change. These positions are really responsible. Work level 4 requires good knowledge of the business, the leadership skills, the skills to analyze information and to make research paper
Work level 5: These top managing positions are responsible for the performance of Tesco as a whole. Work level 5 requires the ability to lead and direct others, and to make major global decisions.
Work level 6: These top managing positions is the most responsible, they include creating the purpose, values and goals of the company and also the responsibility for the overall company’s performance. Work level 6 requires a good overview of retailing, and the ability to build a vision for the future and lead the whole organization.” (
It needs to be said that the company has developed a framework that consists of seven parts. It defines skills for each job at every level in Tesco. Its needed for self-assessment as well, because it may give an employee a clear understanding of right knowledge, skills or resources for his/her job.
Attracting and recruiting of candidates in Tesco
The next stage of recruitment process is attracting the right person to fill the certain job position.
The job advertisements are used for attracting candidates. Actually, the company advertises jobs in various ways. First the internal candidates are studied, for instance the “talent plan” is being checked in search for the appropriate candidates among current employees who are looking for a change of position within the company.
In the case if no one is suitable in the “talent plan” or in the other internal personnel development programmes, the job position is being advertised internally in Tesco for two weeks.
Only after that, the company turns to external recruitment, and start to advertise the jobs though the official career website or with the help of vacancy boards in Tesco stores.
As for the managerial positions, when applications of the candidates are received, the interviews of the most appropriate candidates take places. And the final stage of selection for this category is the visit to an assessment centre.
For non-managerial positions, there is n\another way is available: they may apply though Job centre Plus in stores. The list of candidates is made and when the position opens, the right candidate is invited.
But of course there are certain job positions when the candidates are that are not so easy to find. In this case, the external advertisement is used through various media and including special publications with job offerings.
The important aspect of attracting the candidates is cost-effectiveness, because the advertising, for instance, on TV is quite expensive, but sometimes it may be crucial and needed.

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