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Data Analysis

In the course of the study interviews were conducted to reveal the current development of wireless technologies and possible threats that may affect users of wireless technologies.
In the course of face-to-face interviews, phone call interviews, and online chat interviews, IT specialists responded to the aforementioned questions. Their responses were summarized and analyzed. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that IT specialists place emphasis on the fact that the current level of the development of wireless technologies is high but they are still vulnerable to numerous threats and risks, among which IT specialists distinguish unauthorized access and intrusion as the major threats to private information and data stored or transmitted with the help of wireless technologies. In such a way, IT specialists basically agreed on the existence of the problem of information breaches and vulnerability of wireless technologies to the unauthorized access to private information. buy research paper
Remarkably, experts basically supported IT professionals, although some experts were more specific in definition of major threats arguing that at the moment hacking and cracking are more widely-spread, but they forecast the fast development of illegal computer activities becoming more and more widely-spread in relation to wireless technologies. At the same time, when experts were asked about possible natural disasters as external factors, they pointed out that wireless technologies are still dependent on hardware and conventional technologies. Some experts estimated that, if wireless technologies could cover larger area, they could be more effective than conventional technologies. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that, according to experts, wireless technologies are still underdeveloped that makes them vulnerable to the intrusion, including hacking and cracking as well as illegal computer activities. At the same time, experts argue that wireless technologies are vulnerable to natural disasters as much as conventional technologies are.
Average users pointed out that they use wireless technologies on the regular basis but often they fail to assess adequately risks and threats they are exposed to while using wireless technologies. Many respondents argued that they were unaware of possible risks and threats. At the same time, they are accustomed to wireless technologies and they are not ready to refuse from them, even in face of risk of losing important information or private information.
Questionnaires basically supported interviews.
Basically, IT specialists proved that wireless technologies are imperfect and they identified hacking and cracking along with illegal computer activities as the major threats for wireless technologies. At the same time, they supported their responses in the interviews. In such a way, they revealed the fact that wireless technologies, in spite of their seeming security, fail to protect data from intrusion. On the other hand, IT professionals paid little attention to natural disasters as the major threat to wireless technologies.
In contrast, questionnaire for experts revealed their concerns with multiple threats wireless technologies are exposed to.
Experts argued that natural disasters may expose wireless technologies to significant threats and basically the results of the questionnaires supported their responses in the interview. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that experts still insisted that, in spite of the existence of such threat as natural disasters, human-related threats are more serious because they are more widely-spread, whereas, in the future, these threats are likely to increase.
Average users revealed the fact that they were not fully aware of possible risks but they admitted the possibility of information breaches in the result or in the course of using wireless technologies.
In such a way, interviews and questionnaires revealed the fact that such threats as hacking and cracking and illegal computer activities are the major threats wireless technologies are vulnerable to. At the same time, average users are not always aware of such risks. Therefore, the problem may aggravate, if it remains unresolved.
In this regard, focus groups and the analysis of other studies helped to identify the major ways for the prevention of the aforementioned threats. First, IT specialists and experts recommend developing new information systems, which could be more effective in regard to the use of wireless technologies. Second, IT specialists and experts recommended to increase the awareness of users to protect their communication, while using wireless technologies. Remarkably, the control group also suggested this idea. In addition, some IT specialists suggested the possibility of the further progress of wireless technologies, which could be more secure in terms of the data protection compared to current technologies.

Thus, the current study involved the use of interviews, questionnaires, and focus groups, which help to reveal the major threats to wireless technologies, such as human-related threats, including hacking/cracking, illegal computer crimes, and natural disasters.

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