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Buddhist teaching contains knowledge about reincarnation, that there is life after death. If we all explore and understand in accordance with the concepts and principles of Buddhism, and if we follow the strict requirements of the doctrine, then our life will become much easier and can be painlessly solve our problems.
Buddhist teachings say that the death of our existence does not cease, that there is a next life, person feels a responsibility for it. In this – the essence of Buddhism: as a mental entity does not disappear, and live constantly, moving from one life to another, then you need to think about how we live, about the meaning and significance of life. Here’s why the Buddhists say about this concept, as karma. If a person committed a wrong act, it leaves a trace in your mind, which passes from life to life.There are negative, positive and neutral tracks. From the bad deed is a negative mark – in karma – and it affects you in the future rebirth. That’s why no need to harm others, to commit negative actions: they are stored in karma, and you because of this become unhappy. such actions are abnormal and lead to mental illness.
If a person wants to be happy, to achieve mental health, you need to create a cause that will make him happy. One of the main reasons – is to help others. The basic theory of Buddhism lies in suggesting that the cause of happiness – is to do good to others, and the source of happiness – a good heart. Bringing the benefit of others, a person thus becomes happy and makes others happy. What happens to the other, is reflected in each and you need to help others – it will help everyone. In helping other beings – the root of their own happiness and health of every person.
There are practical advices on the correct mental human behavior. Following these practices helps to achieve the proper mental health.
Fundamentals of correct mental human behavior:
1. Generosity. Includes a donation to the material values such as money, clothes, food; act of love; transfer of other knowledge about spiritual teachings and practices; alleviate the suffering of all sentient beings caught in a difficult situation: help even the ant caught in a puddle. buy term papoerf
2. Morality. Under it primarily means an altruistic outlook and behavior of the bodhisattva.
3. Patience is shown in a difficult situation, as well as when performing difficult tasks, such as comprehension exercises and long-term practice.
4. Zeal, enthusiasm in supporting the good deeds and promotes education of other perfections.
5. Concentration – the practice of purposeful, intense meditation
6. The wisdom needed to understand the nature of the cycle of existence and impermanence, as well as due to the appearance and emptiness.
The six perfections, in turn, can be reduced to three Bodhisattva Practices: improvement of morals (which includes such perfection as the generosity and patience), improve concentration, as well as the perfection of wisdom. For all these exercises require perfection in zeal. Thus, all these six perfections are included in the threefold practice of morality, meditation and wisdom. (Zajonc, Arthur, 2004)
Along with the behavioral aspect of Buddhism an important place in it is a philosophical idea – a conception point of view on things, a certain approach to the consideration of environmental life. This is a theory of interdependence. There are several methods or levels of interpretation of interdependence: first, the concept of interdependence, causes and consequences. In every phenomenon is the cause, for example, if you have a headache, then something caused it. And if there’s a reason it must necessarily be a consequence. If a man commits evil in relation to other people, then it necessarily will respond to him, but if he helps other people, then it means that he helps himself.
There are 14 basic commandments of the Buddha on the right way of life and correct behavior . They are:
1. The biggest enemy of human life – is he
2. The greatest folly in life – this is a lie
3. The biggest failure in life – it is arrogance
4. The greatest sadness in life – is the envy
5. The biggest mistake in life – to lose oneself
6. The biggest fault in man’s life – ingratitude
7. The most deplorable in human life – impairing their dignity
8. The most admirable of human life – to rise after the fall
9. The greatest loss of human life – loss of hope
10. The greatest asset in life – health and mind
11. The largest debt in human life – heartfelt feelings
12. The greatest gift in life – generosity
13. The biggest drawback in life – lack of understanding
14. The greatest consolation in life – good work (Zajonc, Arthur 2004)
From this we can conclude that a good attitude towards people is the correct behavior, and hence a positive effect on a person, his life and health. The correct moral actions are the basis of mental health and the basis of his overall health.

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